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In this article I will share with you my admiration for in one remarkable book. This book is dedicated to the practice of completeness awareness in everyday life, or as it is called, is the practice of mindfulness.


"to reach the goal, it is necessary to stop" — Japanese proverb

the Word meditation I was not very close. It is, in fact, the Latin word. And entered it into the everyday life of the monks-the Jesuits who did missionary work in the East. According to legend, they watched as the Eastern monks, I do not know who it was they saw, sat for a long time. The Jesuits understand the meaning of this seat of his. They suggested that colleagues are thinking about high. And therefore gave this activity a name – meditatio, which translated from Latin means to think. But only the essence of meditation practice is not meditation as such.

Practice the fullness of awareness.

Personally, I like the phrase care practice. It's clear, and not texarkanna, as it happened, in my opinion, with the words mindfulness and meditation. Although, the practice of completeness awareness, it also sounds incredibly great, but a bit cumbersome. In English-speaking countries, is now common term – MindFullness.

John Kabat-Zinn - "Wherever you're going – you're already there."

so close to the book. She's wonderful.

the First time I read it when I was studying 5th year at med school. Episode reading this book coincided with a training cycle for beam diagnostics it was extremely boring course. But I remember it very well, very bright and clear. Still. Many simple and ordinary moments that length of life, just imprinted in the memory. And these memories bring a sense of peace. Remember that several of my classmates and fellow students asked what was happening to me. One particularly insightful friend asked a direct question,
"are You meditating?!"

I read it slowly and deliberately, although I usually read quickly. In parallel, I tried to do the tips, hints, recommendations on the pages of this book, its author, John Kabat-Zinn. This is not a theoretical book. And it is quite small. Each page of the book as a little sketch, as a reflection of those experiences, he would like to share with us the author. And he did it. I have the feeling that the book itself, every page is imbued with clarity, care, and light with joy inexpressible experience of being alive. And to understand the flow and process of your life.

I believe the author. Feel that behind his words in this book, is a real experience of the person practicing this method for a long time, regularly and thoroughly. As well as possible with words to help you approach the greater space of awareness itself? Indicate areas to help create the conditions? This is not a textbook on meditation. This book is a wonderful invitation... But Where? Read, follow the advice of the author, and learn...

More deeply about the benefits of mindfulness practices I'll discuss in a future article.
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a Little beauty in the end in this video. You careful viewing.

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