something I have to tell you, after today's experience… First tried this practice many years ago, since then from time to time and repeat it.

People like that do rely mainly on what I see. Visual perception creates security and predictability, in other words so supported – control, well, or at least its illusion.

However, relying on control through vision, people are deprived of access to other, less obvious and more profound ways of interacting with space… a different kind of sensitivity.

I Have a special place – a field near the river Klyazma, which I use for many years. This place is well familiar to me and is completely safe, where I spent, without exaggeration-thousands of hours and walked on it hundreds of kilometers in any weather, in all seasons, so…

…today for the first time this year so warm weather that it was possible to walk barefoot. And all of a sudden, while walking in a circle, I remembered the same practice, aimed at the development of sensitivity and the decrease in control, which I define as "negative control". Taking a few deep breaths, I closed my eyes and… continued to move in a circle.

having Lost the vision – there is only one way safely and happily go all the way – to trust the space in which you are. Trust – literally, at the level of the body… literally to convey the ability to direct and guide him – space. But it is not counting on a miracle, or perhaps, and entering a space in the merge, connecting different levels of sensitivity, in particular, I switched to how the feet touch the ground, and started to read the trail feet, feeling the dips, climbs, ruts, grass, earth.

not gonna Lie, my eyes opened themselves often enough, say every 50-100 meters all the control just does not go away, and not practiced in a while, but then, in the course of movement… apparently feet understand how to properly communicate with the surface of the earth and I already have 3-4 minutes to go, not opening his eyes, though, knowing that I'm going in a circle, and not in a straight line and that for me is the turns, climbs and descents, but when the eyes for a moment came off, was that you go where you want without any problems.

at the end of the path, caught himself on the sensations that the body was weightless, as if his feet were moving by themselves, I only heard birds, the wind and partially your breath.

Here is a practice… try it and you, recommend to all. Of course, first you need to find a safe place and train the skill gradually over time get better results.

the Essence of the skill, by the way, not that many minutes to keep my eyes closed, but to develop sensitivity and intuitive ability to interact with the space, merging with it literally on the body level.

This practice is perfectly combined and complemented by – the practice of stopping the internal dialogue and the creation of an internal contemplative silence.

For a couple of hours to walk with my eyes closed are encouraged to be silent; to keep silent the whole walk and at least a couple of hours after it. As in the case with the possibility of merging with space, internal dialogues will not disappear immediately, this skill also needs exercise, and quite long (I have this skill to a greater extent learn during Yoga classes), but if the practitioner is a conscious goal, through these two simple exercises (walking with eyes closed and silence) you can achieve the broadening and deepening contact with an inner and outer space through the development of abilities of the body.

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