And again about how to be of high quality in every action or interaction.

Presence is derived from At-South-St-Vie In Fact There is the Phenomenon of being (there) in fact. To be in fact, you need to understand. Who you are.

Presence in every moment of your life meaningful skill mastery in all that you do. The presence in anything is your attention directed to what you are doing in this place in the here and now. This is when your physical and mental energy fill the form actions that you create. Most people usually present physically in any action, and their thoughts sent far away-in a completely different place than now to be a body. Accordingly, the following is sent thoughts and your mental energy. Based on this you do not get to fill completely the form that you create is a feeling of incompleteness, the formalities.

the Presence is a process of investigation or observation, and not comprehension and awareness. Monitoring — judgmental vision of witnessing to the fact that there is at the moment.
If you are currently prepared to eat it all your attention, all your thoughts to focus on cooking. Not so that you hinder the soup, and thought in your recent conflict with her husband. Not see then you delicious soup) If you are dealing with a child, then your focus is on the child and your interaction with them in the role of "parent" and all your thoughts are in this situation, the interaction, not at work in the report. When you learn to be present in every moment of life you will never experience the following feelings and States: anguish, boredom, emptiness, restlessness, haste, anxiety and so on. Because they are just honking for you that you are not in the present moment of his own life.

I Remembered the parable.

once there Lived a wise man. He was known among the disciples that he was going. People around me were in disbelief - how does he manage to always be calm and happy?! Once a few students approached him and asked: — you Have a lot of work. How do you manage to always be calm, collected, cheerful? We've never seen you in a bad mood.
the Wise man replied: — If I stand, then stand. If I go, then go. If you run, then run.The disciples protested: But there is no secret! We do that, too. But we can't always have it so as we would like. Although compared to you, we have much less work. The sage replied: — the reason Might be that when you stand you are already. When you go - you're already running. And when you run you are the target.

be Present in your life and then you will be able to feel the taste of happiness in every moment of it!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

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Tatiana Savenko
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