The profession of psychologist: a place in modern society and in my life


the Trend in recent years is that the profession of psychologist is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. In orphanages, kindergartens and schools psychologists. In medical institutions the post of clinical psychologist. Psychologists are in demand in advertising, business, sports, law, politics and security agencies. Psychologists brought in as consultants when creating cartoons and movies. Psychologist-researcher working in institutes and laboratories, teaching psychological disciplines. Thus, the psychologist may find application to their knowledge in research, clinical or applied activities.

Very pleased with the trend that psychologists are less often confused with psychiatrists. There was an understanding that the subject of activity of the psychologist is not a pathological disturbance of the psyche of man, and his emotional state and inner peace. Although most of my clients still try to hide from family and work colleagues that you visit psychologist. In one case, they are ashamed that they can't cope with arising difficulties on their own, in another stumble upon a misunderstanding on the part of important persons.

it's Sad that we still have not adopted the Federal law on psychological assistance, and in the all-Russian classifier of economic activities (NACE) code describing the activity of the psychologist. However, there is a code that identifies the activities of astrologers and mediums. Me this situation in the legislative field, to put it mildly, surprised.

the psychologist Profession I chose consciously in the process of personal psychotherapy. I was going through a divorce with her first husband, and very grateful for the support of my shrink. I wanted to help people in difficult situations, to receive and to support, to accompany them in personal development. I left the business for the sake of the profession. And never regretted my decision.

For me, the profession of psychologist is:

  • the creative process, because each person is different because of their personal history and innate features;
  • the constant search for knowledge, learning new skills, continuous professional growth;
  • analysis of his inner world, the pursuit of harmony and spiritual development;
  • my calling.

Otherwise, then what can be offered to someone else in need of professional psychological help?

Anastasia Perova
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