Future doctor of psychology, a proponent of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy Arnold Lazarus was raised in a family by parenting style hiphopera (he was paid little attention, his opinion was ignored), which contributed to the further development of insurance. In it is based on the technique of conditioned reflex therapy of Salter

the Cause of insecure behaviour, according to Lazarus, is formed as a result of learning as a result of suppression of its activity, expression of their own aspirations and desires. As a result, formed autoaggression. The program of formation of the confident behaviour can be conducted in group training and individual psychotherapy. Aimed at transformation of self-aggression, i.e. aggression on themselves, on people that is the source of aggression in socially acceptable ways.

the Program of formation of the confident behaviour Lazarus

  1. the Definition of the query - result of the customer's wants to the acquisition of confident behavior. For example, to learn the ability to assert personal boundaries with your husband, Express your wishes and insist on their compliance.
  2. Identifying the reasons for the formation of uncertain behavior: parenting style in the family, violations of personal boundaries, destructive parent-child messages, etc.
  3. Study otreagirovali negative (resentment, anger, aggression, etc.).
  4. Definition formed the concept of "I" (spiritual, material, physical, social), cognitive, evaluative, and behavioral components.
  5. mapping the self-concept: actual, ideal, dynamic, fantastic "I".
  6. identification of the forms of psychological protection, allowing to reduce the consequences of traumatic experiences (displacement, projection, interakcija, merger, denial, regression, sublimation, reaction formation).
  7. Cognitive restructuring: identification of automatic thoughts and replace them with positive.
  8. Teaching social competence: the ability to Express their wishes, to defend their demands, to formulate their requests.
  9. the Formation of assertive behavior: active listening, the use of the phrases "I want", "I don't want", "what is your opinion?", etc.
  10. Learning of fear inhibition when communicating with people and asserting personal boundaries.
  11. Change the evaluation of the reaction of others change in customer behavior. Develop the ability to distance themselves from the opinions of others.

Program to rid doubt, uncertainty relations

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