The program to rid doubt, uncertainty relations

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If you feel uncertainty, doubt - worthy (worthy) do I love? This article is for you. Increased anxiety interferes with relationships, brings forth the partner who needs to prove that he loves. Besides, the person who does not love himself, not confident, can be loving even passionately in love with the beginning of the relationship, partner.

Program to rid doubt, uncertainty in the relations:

1. to Remember a situation from childhood, teenage, adolescence when experiencing a humiliating situation, the cause of which was the uncertainty, the inability to stand up for themselves, defend their point of view.

Objective: to identify the causes insecure behavior.

2. to Perform attitude in the parent family - parenting style, attitude to disease, the education of self-reliance, occupazionali from parents, etc.

Objective: to identify the causes insecure behavior.

3. to Analyze the reasons for the behavior of other people. In the case of the experience of the offense - perform the exercise.

Objective: understanding of the socio-psychological determinants of patterns of behavior.

4. Write a situation when I felt uncertain, at the present time.

Objective: the adoption of these behaviours in the present as a destructive.

5. to Describe their emotions, the feelings that accompanied these situations.

Objective: analysis of emotion with the aim of self-regulation in the future.

6. to Perform - what emotions these situations cause in the present.

Objective: learning mental self-regulation.

7. to Predict your reactions to uncertainty. This requires the diary to write dialogues with a partner, including the analysis of experienced emotions.

Objective: play future dialogue.

8. to Remember a situation when I felt confident in the correctness.

Objective: the development of assertive behavior.

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