The psychology of excess weight


Gained or can't lose weight? Look for leakage of precious energy.

In previous articles we have considered what energy is, where it comes from and how it is stored. You can now cut to the chase - how linked to PSYCHOLOGY and the WEIGHT. Because excess weight is their own psychology.

so, imagine that your daily energy balance is a bucket of water. You get on top of the ladle - spend on different processes. And then suddenly the energy in the middle of the day is over. Like and slept and ate as usual, and lived in an ordinary mode and the energy of the evening. And lessons for children to check, dinner to cook every night, and other human concerns. And so one day a week.

As we already know, the body begins in this situation is to recover and store energy. But where did she go? Why before it was enough for the day, and now is not?

But the fact that in our energy bucket formed a small invisible gaps - the anxiety and stress. They can go background and man not be aware of. But in their experience to spend a lot of energy. The stresses are explicit and implicit.

for Example, lives the man himself. And suddenly I began to gain weight. And like in life, nothing has changed. And he gains weight, and that's it. In a conversation with a psychologist it turns out that a work colleague hinted that the coming change of leadership. And it's still early to panic, and maybe it's all not true. But men there is a fear that he could lose his job. This fear of man is not recognized. But there is some uncomfortable feeling of worry and anxiety. It's stress. And the body tries this stress to survive. But since this process neoconvert, it cannot be experienced. But it starts to spend energy.

But if the anxiety is not alone. If the person is anxious in life, and he had these holes all over the bucket?

Here is fighting people with excess weight (extra energy reserves). And the body not only does not give up, but in the face of stressful situations also supplies replenish. And the more fighting, the more adds.

Thus, #psychologist helps to identify gaps (hidden anxiety and stress) and remove them. A nutritionist helps create a comfortable power system is right for you, creating a small energy deficit.

the key to successful and long term weight normalization - patching holes in our energy balance.

Ekaterina Zimina
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