This is the continuation of the article in which I described the technique of attracting good luck into your life. The beginning of the article you can read here:

And I continue, as promised, describe the following assistants to attract good luck:

2. Home messengers of good luck.

Signs is the accumulated experience of many generations. We all know from our parents, grandparents and various signs. Some underlying material causes (sprinkle salt – to quarrel), and in the other spiritual (meet on the way the hunchback is good luck). But we will not delve into beliefs and analyze what is recommended to keep the house the precepts of their ancestors:

money tree or jade.

the name of the plant speaks for itself, who does not want to attract fortune, and for one and material well-being. Better to take the process of money tree have successful friends, but if this is not possible, get an on the horticultural fairs;

aquarium or ornamental fountain.

These items aim to attract good luck and financial freedom, the rules of Feng Shui will allow you to choose the water source for each dwelling to luck and money flowed into the family. I personally love water, and aside from luck, it fills me , relaxes after a busy day. That's why I have a home aquarium and will soon want to buy more fountain :)

horseshoe, the cat with a raised paw, the toad with coin in mouth – all these things that we used to take more Souvenirs than necessary in the house items can help to steer the flow of good luck and prosperity. Select the symbol for the soul – now this is not difficult.

3. Prayers and mantras

Prayers are widely spread among the believers, and read them at any time, without adhering to particular rituals. Remember: to be successful and to live in abundance is not a sin. If you doubt this, then prayer should not be used. Pray the mother of God and St. George, such prayers can be found in special collections.

I Wish You good luck and abundance!

to be Continued...

Alexander Smirnov
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