The psychology of photography, or why we love to photograph


Photography is firmly established in our life. Perhaps there is no place where had been the camera. On the ground, under water, in space, everywhere there are photographic evidence of what is happening. With the advent of smartphones to photograph(smiling) - it's like brushing my teeth, the phenomenon of the daily and natural. But what makes us again and again to press the button?

I desire to capture something you see 2 human needs: 1) to create the beautiful 2) to preserve the memory. In fact,these needs are manifested in different approaches to photography: the art or a document creating an image or capturing events, setting or story. Everyone here chooses their own, depending on the preferences or objectives.

And I think most often this division is not, most often these needs are combined in the formula: to preserve the memory of the beautiful, creating beautiful. And the more skills in creating the beautiful memory left behind. Therefore, people turn to a professional photographer. He can, as they say, to stop a moment, passing the beauty of the moment.

In this photo there is an amazing quality - it not only captures a picture, she captures your emotions, your feelings from the moment your status in a certain period of life. And you look at your photos, I can remember what it is for you. Perhaps it was a happy period, and you look at the photo with joy. Maybe the photo is not the best experience in your life, and then not even want to look at the photo. Photography in this case serves as a symbol of events, stages of life, sense of self. Such a succinct epitome of your world, laid in a fraction of second. I think it is this property of photography due to its popularity.

Sunsets sunrises, dinner in the restaurant, meeting a friend at the airport, the antics of a pet, a rich country harvest that click on your phone by saving as a collection of impressions. Those experiences that fill everyday life. And maybe we would not have thought about this moment a year later, and there is a photo - meaning it was lived, felt. So life was full. And at any moment you can return to that moment and feel all that was in it. In this sense, photography is the key to your pleasant emotions and feelings. You look at the photo and your mood changes. Pleasant memories - pleasant feelings here and now. In fact, phototherapy in action. And you can use it for self-help: review photos that change your current state in the right direction. Fast, easy and pleasant.

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