The psychology of spending


Friends, earlier we talked about the sources of money. Let's talk today about our component and expenditure in this regard.
have"Where does the money go?" is almost the same rhetorical question as "to Whom in Russia to live well?".
✅Amazing, but no matter how grown revenues exponentially grow our needs. Moreover, the cost structure and our behavior does not change much.
✅If a person has been a priority of travel, change the numbers on his accounts in the direction of increasing, changing the number of stars in the selected hotels or long distances.
✅This suggests that the cost structure is not so important how much we have money in the balance: the wealth and poverty do not depend on the strategies of Trad. Moreover, the perception of the same amount may be vastly different. The fact that one is a complete failure, for another exorbitant wealth.
✅If the money is not enough, as incomes increase they, too, will be missed. If people are used to save and to postpone part of the earned, income growth will grow his savings.
✅In relationships with others we are often faced with conflicting priorities. What's important for Alex and what he's willing to spend money, can be absolutely unimportant to Mary. That is, in the eyes of different people can be stingy in some matters and wasteful in others.
✅There are two strategies of monetary expenditure:
1⃣walk, flaw, the ruble and higher. It's about living the moment and the willingness to spend in one fell swoop all that is. Surprisingly, the leitmotif of "we Need to spend less and earn more" belongs to these people.
2⃣Uncle Scrooge on guard of its treasures. "I can't sleep if my account less money than..". These people will choose the cheapest hotel, although it is often much more. To gut your stock should be very respectful about it.
🔺both - extremes, the strategy with different polarity. Somewhere between them is the Golden mean.
❓And you managed to find it?

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