the Publicity of the psychologist rather prevents than promotes the implementation perabot effectively. Projection, emotional emissions in individual work are being worked out. Mass processes are uncontrollable, especially online. They are similar to the elements, the consequences of which are very difficult to predict.
In their publications psychologist anyway, directly with the client's consent or without it, it uses the client's history. And it can influence the formation of the corresponding scenario in building relationships with customers. In General, the publicity can do more harm than help to be effective in the profession. Publicity is needed, especially to psychologists to promote their services, but not to the right customers.
emotional Mass emissions to the address of the psychologist are run primarily by himself, his public activity. Experiences of a psychologist about this - it's kind of fee deployed in social networks, "free activities".
Ethical code of the psychologist, of course, can contribute to the formation giperatsidnogo relation to blogging or personal pages. But it will not help defend against a spontaneous mass outbursts and otreagirovali. Impossible without direct contact to convey information so that it from different points of view would be understood the same way. Any word can be perceived in diametrically opposite ways.
to Influence other people that did not write did not discuss the psychologist - it is impossible, "each rotok you will not throw a handkerchief", as they say. Enough to take possible responsibility for themselves and to be sensitive in the choice of words, argumentation, especially in such sensitive topics like abuse, violence, gaslighting. Or to opt out of publicity in favor of effective individual performance.
blogging and public activities of psychologists, is a special kind perabot aimed at the formation of psychological literacy, to psychotherapy and psiphonode have no relation. And probably it is important and necessary to understand customers when choosing your psychologist.

Elvira Liksonov
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