The quality of attention


Quality focus

We are constantly busy with something. But the performance depends on the quality of our attention to what we are doing in real time.

the tasks

what we are focused when running a specific case from a task list? What result do we want? As we are interested in the activity itself, which we are busy? What quality of attention we decide to devote to a particular case during the day? Often the cause of the boredom problem is a lack of interest. We think about the past, worrying about the issues associated with the future. Thus do we delete ourselves from the present. When no part of the work, then no us. Not hard to guess what's going on with our activities, our productivity.

What can you do to even the most routine tasks to return the interest? First, change your own attitude to this work. Replace "This is boring", for example, "I can do this job interesting." Our intention, attitude determines outcome. Which command we give ourselves starting to do something?

second, the key to change the focus of attention is the position of the researcher, experimenter. Set your focus on the fascinating process that can discover something new and exciting. Add some game to "invent problems" which may be interesting to overcome, to challenge myself. This may be a record for time, or finding interesting questions, and perhaps new discoveries for themselves... Even what we used to do, you can do different and find a reason for development. Add to the usual itinerary of the task, new accents.

the Attitude to themselves and to the other party.

If we don't give quality attention to what we can give and other people?

Focusing on ourselves, we like internally constrained itself, creating its integrity: thoughts, feelings, goals, values. From this condition we easily make decisions that get the desired results. In this state, getting more productive and relationships with other people. We know what is important to us, we are honest with ourselves and our goals meet our true desire. We don't resist ourselves.

However, the process of communication - it's not just us. When tuned and calibrated yourself, you need to tune in and give quality attention to their partner in communication. What intentions are we often come into contact with the person? Do we give him a place, whether or not the value of a partner? We want to give him? It also helps the position of the researcher - which is important for the person that he thinks she is. What is that he says what his desires are, what kind of world is opened to us?

Much to hear man – that's what we can do to keep and maintain healthy relationships. There is an important balance to give attention to yourself and your partner, to respect, And accept yourself And your partner.

When we use the described foci of attention, the value of each point increases. Every task, every interaction becomes alive and conscious. And we are ALIVE in them.

Sidorkin (Bender) Anna
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