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I here Look at myself in the mirror... kind of lost... Cheekbones smaller hips too... Like... maybe not? Or Yes? I can not understand. Don't trust your eyes. I'm afraid to be happy. How to check? On the scales stand up?
And here I clearly understand that if my balance will not show a minus of 2-3 kg at least, I get upset and like yourself will not. Because if the numbers on the scale have not changed, I have not lost weight. Point. Your feelings? But who are interested! No need of numbers - there is no cause for joy. And there are no options. Bold point. br>
So, the psychologist will help you understand what the client mean to him the numbers on the scale, why is he not focused on the sensations themselves, and on the scales. What exactly does not satisfied customer - the numbers on the scale, digits in clothing size, number on the centimeter or just the fact that reveals a mirror (or separate parts). Then the psychologist will help you to understand what it is for humans meaning of these indicators. With what associate. Will help to understand what is important to the client in himself, his appearance, volumes and weights. br>
Along with this, we examine food habits. Find the "weak points" that create an imbalance between received and expended energy (the excess energy goes into the stock - in fat. Fat is the energy storage for a rainy day). br>
Next, together with a nutritionist to select and buy specific client power supply system. Which creates a slight deficiency of energy that it consumed from the "warehouse". br>
we focusareas on the formation of the necessary eating habits and food awareness. It's not a diet, not eating right. Is the ability to track independently, when a person suddenly begins to consume more energy. To understand what is happening and why the body creates reserves. br>
Our goal is to teach you to feel and to understand the processes inside yourself. Then, reaching your result, you will not be rolled back after completion of work. Because we do not offer the program. We will teach you to hear themselves and maintain energy balance.

Ekaterina Zimina
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