Many scientists for many years trying to understand the secrets of riddles, hoaxes and all that, the unknown that surrounds us. But this can not always. And such phenomena remain unknown.

And now, scientists have made a rating, most of those unknown phenomena that so far have not found adequate, proven explanations.

10 — connection of body with mind. The medicine makes only the first steps to tying the influence of the mind on the body. A striking example is the placebo. Man thinks that drinking a cure, and actually swallows a pacifier, but recovering the impact of the power of thought. Still remains a mystery.

9th place — psychic and paranormal perception. Scientists have put this item in the rating, only because these topics are widely spread, but still does not prove its real existence.

8 takes place — life after death. So far I have not found whether there is life after death. People who have been on the brink, describing their condition in different ways, but still is a lot of common points. Scientists are working to unravel this phenomenon.

7 — UFO. There is no doubt that UFOs did exist, but what it really is, still remains a mystery.

6 — Deja vu. Translated from the French — already seen. And in fact, there are often situations when the person has never been in any place, there is a clear feeling that he was already there once. On this mystery, too, are still scratching their head bright minds.

5 place — cast. From ancient times to the present day, are witnesses of the appearance of spirits. Perhaps they are, but it is not scientifically proven.

4 — the mysterious disappearance. Here we are talking about the mysterious disappearances that have not managed to explain.

3rd place — intuition. This feeling is familiar to everyone. On a subconscious level sometimes comes the understanding that, for example, the action is better not to do, what not to say etc. It is the place to be, but the science is still not understandable.

2 belongs to Bigfoot. For many years, there are rumors about Bigfoot. In different parts of the world people see a creature like a man, and all give broadly similar descriptions, but that's what it really is — a mystery.

in the first place — the noise of Taos. Some residents and guests of the town of Taos, new Mexico for many years hear a faint noise, coming from the desert. But the source of the noise and is not installed.

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