My rating is "difficult places", in which we can get into the process of psychotherapy:

1. "It never ends".
In the process of therapy has to meet with their unlived pain and trauma. Despite the fact that the psyche is typed in for this meeting of resources, this period is still very heavy, and a depressive state. A feeling of dullness, lethargy and worthlessness accompanied by shame at his own weakness. For some, this time of therapy - lighthouse in continuous darkness, and the other shame is pushing to escape. Think drifting in a swamp of depression and it will never end. I want to pass this stage faster, to push yourself, because to live it is very unpleasant. Many say to themselves: "well how much can you complain! For a week/month only and roar!". It seems that I always will.
But this process is very important. After all, to get out of your ass, you first need to be detected. Find yourself in a really painful and sad.
At this point a lot of grief and suppressed rage.

2. "Nothing happens".
Our mind is perfectly able to protect themselves. In therapy, we gradually go around these protections. It takes time and a lot of trust between client and therapist. When only come to therapy experiencing a lot of things: surprise, relief, fear, shame, and sometimes shock. And it all pours out very rapidly. As if a man all his life was forced to be silent and suddenly he was allowed to speak. Remove the top layer. Someone enough. But if you go further, one day you will face the feeling of uselessness and rigidity of process. It seems that nothing is happening. In fact, it is a signal to the depth. Psyche Matures, accumulates a resource to skip a little deeper consciousness. Possibly in severe trauma. And this journey, be prepared, because it will definitely not be simple.
it is Important to note this step and talking about it in therapy. You can say: "you know, I think that nothing happens."
At this point a lot of confusion and senselessness.

3. "It will never change."
from Time to time, I suddenly discover something that I don't really like it, but I lived with it for so long and not noticed, and did not assume that you can be different. And so I look at it. It is, for me. I even try to act otherwise, but again and again fall into the usual rails. Then it seems that everything is useless, that nothing will change. And covered me despair. I want to quit. But our mind does not develop linearly (found the problem - fixed the problem - I live in another), and jumps. She needs to "grow". You need to give yourself time.
At this point a lot of intolerance
and despair. br>
of Course, these stages are difficult. And to live their have more than once. But they carry with them development, self-knowing and a new, more Mature ways to live this life. Suddenly find that things that used to cause a lot of fear, it is now possible to do something ordinary (for example - to speak when I don't like something or fight with the housing office).
it's really cool.

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