The relationship between mother and daughter

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This article I want to dedicate one of my friend.

she has three daughters.

Older than 18, studying in College.

the Average 9, on home schooling.

Junior year, breast-fed.

We recently launched the course for teaching recognition of fertility. And I looked in the Cabinet where there is occupation, saw a mother and daughter. I was very surprised. For me it was evidence that the mother-daughter relationship is great. That they develop together. They can (and do it!!!) to talk on various topics. They have a very trusting relationship.

I was very happy with his discovery. I am proud to have acquaintance with this family.

As it turned out - the idea of going together was mother's. She, having been on the course presentations, realized its value. Then tried to explain to her daughter. And she did it! The theme of the course in fact enough not simple... intimate... about a woman and about women's health, and about purpose, and about the essence, about relationship with men, about sex, about contraception, about pregnancy.

And such talk is not a matter of one day. Good trusting relations long before the conversation. From previous conversations, of meetings, of activities, of collaborative learning and creativity.

in conclusion I just want to wish further success to all the moms and their daughters!

Thank you

there was a Cyril Budkevich,
head of the Training company "the Partner"

the founder of the Socio-educational institution "Dad"

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