Today I want to talk about the importance and significance of father's education for girls. Because this somehow not really paid attention lately.
About the role of the mother in our culture is written a lot of books, articles, films and works of art, but about a wealthy man), something our culture is silent, reducing their importance in this process, in fact it is not)

so what mother, we mean "good enough mother" we're not arguing, unconditional love is acceptance and support. Well, that's what gives the father and what is his significance? the
In my opinion the relationship of the daughter with the father, lay the self-assessment of the daughter.

As they say, the mother from morning till evening to praise, but if from the father will not be feedback to the approval of, the self-esteem of girls will still remain low. The father in this respect, as Lacan said, is a symbol of "Meaning" and society. It is as if the child enters into the symbolic world of culture.

And, secondly, from the relationship with the daughter dad, will depend on the formation of her image as future woman and all subsequent relationships with men, and of course the choice of a partner.
When I refer clients with problems in personal relationships and family, most often, I'm guessing they linked and what are the reasons.

these Reasons are pretty typical and standard. Codependent family, a father who used alcohol more often or tyrannical in nature (although not always). The family that lived in fear and endured because he was afraid.
a Father's love sometimes somewhere difficult to rationally understand a child, because it is very different from the love of a mother. It is not very sensitive and emotional, "hardish", and even reserved, but it is important that she was. Because its presence creates in girls a sense of inner safety, security, his confidence, femininity and attractiveness.

but, in fact, that formed a world of relationships where the girl growing up with a loving father, understands and feels that you are worthy of love and respect as the opposite gender and other people. If she feels the father as the most important figure in her little life, recognizes her for who she is, and she will learn to accept and love themselves, forming their self-worth and importance.

in conclusion, I will tell about one more important point is the attitude of the father-like figure to her mother. In a psychologically healthy family, the girl must feel and see that the father loves the mother and that the mother loves the father that she is with him safe in harmony and happy. If a man say devalues his wife or showing her no love, in the first place will suffer the child.
So be aware dear dads, your role in education is difficult to overestimate. Love your daughters support, respect, asking, spend time with them - for them this is very important)

what do you think, what is the role of the father in the education of girls)?

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