1. Person receives information about the world through senses, which delivers brain nervous system. Brain analyzes the information received in accordance with the past experience and adopt solution action.
  2. Man creates his psychological reality, which feels within itself. In this sense we love your feelings near another person, not the person. We see our own version of what is happening "outside".
  3. evaluates the existing reality based on his experience, knowledge, and innate abilities. Thus, objective reality may differ from the reality of the individual.
  4. the Reality – it is objective and it is subjective, depending on our interests. Field of wheat – farmers – harvest for the artist the plot for the film, for lovers – a romantic place.
  5. How else people can appreciate reality than consciousness? Sensations in the body, dreams. Watching the reactions of other people. With the help of instruments and analytical abilities of the mind.
  6. Changing your mind – ismenias your reality. Change of sensations in the body – change the mind – changing reality.
  7. In our body and psyche there's the incessant, indefatigable, primary life, which receives an endless chain of desires (needs).
  8. What is pain? is delay, which is the desire suffers from obstacles between it and its temporary goal. One of the often intractable conflicts is the conflict between satisfying their own desires and the ability to get what you want from the outside.
  9. Happiness is satisfaction of desire, to achieve the goal. Happiness cannot be constant, can only be the peak of his points.
  10. a person is having problems, no happiness, health, money, and other – another person –the counselor or therapist helps him to see her. The therapist is only a mirror in which to watch the book that can be read. Therapist – 356 in importance in the client's life. The responsibility for human life in the hands of the person.
  11. the Only tool in the hands of the therapist is himself – his body, his personality. So psihoterapija can occur in different ways, with different therapists. The better the therapist, the better psychotherapy.
  12. For higher precision is required to therapist. Pair of of psychotherapists M+W – for higher accuracy.
  13. We are all in the unified field of Life, of Existence.
the mayor Oleg
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