The relationship with the loved one and their impact on health


Close relationship between people associated with health and well-being throughout life. Relationships affect health by helping people cope with stress, enabling them to enjoy the basic needs of friendly relations, such as love, intimacy, communication in the company with others and security. Attitudes also affect human development, personal growth, achieving goals.

American psychologists, Nancy Collins and Paula Pietromonaco conducted a study on the influence of the relationship in the dyad, i.e. between two people, to health (mental and physical). The main goal of the analysis is to investigate social attachment and social exclusion.

the Analysis focuses on three key interpersonal processes: 1) support during stressful situations (support safe rear); 2) support in the development and setting goals (safe basic support); and 3) the closeness, affection, and love.

Support safe rear. In times of stress, close relationships can protect health, acting as a buffer to the negative effects of stress, and facilitate recovery from stress. For example, in cardiovascular reactivity (heart rate, blood pressure) thoughtful verbal support partner reduces the reactivity of cortisol (a hormone involved in the regulation of metabolic processes and plays a key role in the protective reactions of the organism to stress and starvation), affects the healthier functioning of cortisol and decrease susceptibility to infection and disease, especially in times of stress.

Imagined or symbolic presence of a loved reduces pain perception and impairs neuronal activity in brain regions associated with threat. The presence of a supportive partner can act as a hidden signal security reduces the threat perception, which may have implications for health and helps to cope with problems.

it Should be noted that the support should be sensual and in accordance with the goals, needs and preferences of the recipient of support. This support person is important to feel understood, accepted and to feel concern about it.

the Secure base support. Support in achieving the goals of improving health by reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of stress in difficult times. This support increases to health positive emotions and strengths. For example, when partners have supported with enthusiasm and dedication, the recipients are more involved in their goals, will eventually reach them and can see their personal growth. The successful achievement of important goals is important for personal well-being, which in turn also affects health, as many of the goals associated with a healthy diet, sports and leisure.

When people share their achievements, while those expressing enthusiasm and pride for them, it has a positive effect important for the cardiovascular system. Also, such support is important to strengthen the self-worth, self-efficacy and conscious control. This helps protect against stress and to stimulate the ability to handle stress in more difficult times.

Intimacy, affection, and love. When people feel significant for another, he's thriving and well. The feeling of affinity can appear in the interaction with any person with whom there is a sense of caring, to be accepted, to be understood and to be heard. Studies show that on days when people feel more clear and valuable in interaction with others, they feel physical health (reduced disease symptoms in the body), vitality, life satisfaction, and improved sleep.

imaging Studies of the brain show that closeness, acceptance, and romantic love is associated with neural activity. To be an accepted partner increases activation of receptors associated with obtaining rewards and the positive effect plus an offset to the pain. In addition, when a person scans the image of the partner is activated part of the brain responsible for attachment and also the area of the brain responsible for mood regulation, depression and pain. The feeling of love stimulates the energy, resources, responsible for the metabolism, increases positive emotional state and level of glucose in the blood.

Sometimes we are afraid to snap and depend emotionally from others. However, healthy attachment and dependence only beneficial for us. Support friends and takes it from them.

Anna timofeyenko
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