The release from the stress and anxiety with Sedona method


Sedona method is a way of getting rid of emotional stresses, was developed by Lester Levenson. The main essence of the method of relief, with the polar units (like love, not love). Immediately reminded of a recent communication: "I hate cake fries!" What's wrong with cake? Why hate him so much?

and so it turns out that our consciousness and energy clinging, attached to such units. Thinking a person's becoming an inflexible, rigid. The method works through acceptance.

If you have now thought about the fact that the method is too superficial, I want to note that with this method you can move inside arbitrarily deeply, removing layer by layer. The client immediately understands the principle of operation, receives changes on the emotional and energy levels by restoring the internal integrity is the state when things are strained on a variety of pegs-bindings.

How the Sedona method helps to overcome fear and increased anxiety? Lester Levenson used to say: "Worry and fear will appear." From this phrase it is possible to make two conclusions. You probably know yourself - what you fear, and is attracted into our lives.

But the fear itself can attract a person for one reason or another! Should we accept this – and there comes the release. When dealing with fear there are two things that are worth paying attention to:
1. Fear is usually attached with the need for security or survival or death wish.
2. Any fear is weakening, if it is to pull into the light of consciousness. On the contrary, in the depths of the subconscious, gaining strength.

a Simple method of release from fear

1. Sit comfortably and relax
2. Ask yourself: "Can I let go of the desire to make it happen?"
Some wonder: "Do I really want?" Then ask the question again and now pay attention to your feelings.
3. Ask yourself: "What can happen that will cause you fear?" "What you don't want to happen?"
4. "Now could you let go of the desire to make it happen?"
5. If you got stuck in fear and unable to escape – use a standard liberating questions:
5.1. What need is hidden in fear? The need for security, approval, control or freedom?
5.2. I can accept this need?
5.3. I can leave this requirement as is?
5.4. I could let go of this need?
5.5. When? Right now!
6. Another good question for exempting situations in the past: "if I Want to change the situation in the past?" And then work through the letting go of the need to change something in the past.

Sedona-method gained a lot of popularity in the West. Applications of the method is quite wide: the study of emotional problems of internal conflicts, the acquisition of freedom, achieving goals (coaching), working with fear, guilt and shame, the acquisition of wealth, of love.

Sergei Davidenko
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