rescue Service called?

Sacred architecture of the body... Sounds pretentious and incomprehensible. But let's look behind the curtain, because behind it is pure magic! That can improve your health, to "pull" the fallen spirits, and even heal the habitually tired of looking at the world.

Sadness, fatigue, impending depression, although, in principle, "all is well". You know these emotional "pits"? Out alone of them long and difficult to stay long – very unpleasant. No wonder I mentally dreamed that something happened. What you need for me.

So when the call came, and I was invited to a workshop on SAT, I went without hesitation even not asking about methods and approaches.

Beautiful, thin, elegant and thoughtful – it's Alena. She leads groups in Kiev. . "With every breath you're growing, who will melt, and you get what you ask for. Don't forget to breathe tasty, long and deeply." "-And exhalation?" "Out? Is gratitude. Therefore, every out-breath above the breath."

Outgoing, bright, covering energy of all is Folk. It leads from Dnepropetrovsk, came to our clinic for Alena. "Girls, eyes on the horizon, taut belly! Lining up from the foot and to the top...."

Miracles! Energy plutowski in our pinched and shriveled bodies, finally got a chance to flow and flow. And it's nice to stand lined up, not pressing his head into his shoulders, as from fright, do not slouch from the problems, not bulging weak stomach. Our body is "abandoned" to the mercy of fate we picked up so much psychological garbage! Complexes, "read" mothers and grandmothers clamps, false beliefs... it's Time, it's time to do General cleaning!

All in white overalls. Here nobody will be ashamed of their figures. No mirrors, and most of the classes you can spend with your eyes closed, to better hear themselves. All the attention yourself, beloved, body and spirit. Want to meet a real? His numerous "external" role, we know the ropes. It's time to meet him. And to learn to want and ask ( without words, as in prayer). Then you will definitely get if your wishes are real.

Method of our native CAT, female. He created a unique woman - Natalie Droen for women. Especially for us, Ukrainians. Because this 88 year old French, with a surprisingly strong, flexible and young in body, light in mind and wise soul, considers your Kiev historical homeland (her parents several years before her birth, emigrated from Kiev). Therefore, it is perfectly said in Russian, walking in the Orthodox churches and regularly comes to us from Paris, to gratuitously give women "bent" the Soviet system the ability to align, to grow, to breathe differently. She has managed to grow a generation of presenters who are already working successfully in many cities of Ukraine at its method.

So what is her method? Can't believe the words to Express the physical sensation. Say about the result of the first orientation sessions. First, for the first time in 39 years, I spent the WHOLE DAY with 10 to 17 year-paid attention to myself. With such love to every cell of my word, for the first time. It is very nice. In the spine it felt like it top to bottom carefully cleaned with a whisk. I just "inherited" a sick spine! As for the Blues – and if she was? At least it was replaced by a clear understanding of is what I was looking for! I will deal with. Cheers.

And then, after a couple of months, was Zvenigorod. Annual workshop for women in method Natalie. A small private hotel on the Dnipro hills near Kiev, the best masters of Ukraine and Russia – Schoolgirls Natalie and classes from morning to evening. . I was then the head of the inept – but so wonderfully I felt this! I feel like I'm in my childhood, in the very warm company of friends.

later, after regular practice, it became clear that I'm not standing, I have crooked feet, inverted knees, uneven hips, terrible sagging in the lower back. Not to mention the shoulders and the curve of the neck. You imagine the terrible monster? In vain. For example, myself I always liked that mirror! A little tightened, here has leveled off – and at you already is looking very nice reflection. Familiar?

Metamorphosis is that with eye drops the veil, and you see, finally, the reasons and flat feet, and joint pain, and always tired hunched back and "fat" on my stomach (necessary in order to balance the entire rough design). In this lies the architecture of the body – we study it and build correctly. Then you can live without the extra weight, lowered the shoulders, the vertebrae of patients, low self-esteem and a fallen spirit. And in old age to look like Natalie - over the years not to fall and to rise. Look at her photo! It is directed upwards. And we have the opportunity. She started the course only in 64 years! So despite all diseases, imbalances, and excess fat – we have plenty of time - the whole life to change his body. And the first ( most important!) step done - you know what you want.

a Year of classes . It is very small, I swear! But now I know how to draw themselves (as the Munchausen of the swamp) out of the depths, poor States. Know how to be cheerful and active. And you know, what if something very much want. The formula is simple, but it works only when I start to feel her body.

still more magical and interesting, but more about that in person - in class!

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