Duties in the house

You will certainly agree that mainstreaming child rights is important - the Foundation of a healthy society. But the responsibility of children is also important, is the key to successful, responsible for himself and his human life, and, as a consequence, society as a whole. br>
lately, we are the parents with the following request: the child does not do anything and to go to school does not want interest in anything, no, we can't understand him. br>
of Course we find out as it had begun, when, what are the preceding events and so There is a common scheme in these families: the children all have toys what you want when you want to get one experiences for the study no, because the parents (usually mothers) meet and worried about a bad evaluation. "We have created all the conditions, he's at home doing nothing, just studied." Such a child really "created the conditions" for idleness and even took responsibility for his academic success. Often in such families difficulty ability to hear each other. And here the necessary assistance is not the child, and parents in the first place. br>
Ask yourself why you are my hipersaiti take the child's life - his mistakes, the failures, his victory? Why not give to a negative experience? Because it is needed, without it no growth of personality, no interest to try to overcome themselves, to cope with difficulties. br>
In this case, it is the responsibilities to the family, a home will help him get out of this "uninteresting" life. Giving your child responsibilities, you create opportunities to overcome our own laziness, unwillingness, apathy. You enable the individual to rise above itself. Give you an understanding of what is value every member and have a happy relationship in the family must care for each other and the space in which you live together.

How to do it? Make a complete list of chores that are done daily, several times a week, a month/year, etc. Give the child to choose 5 duties from this list. One of them should be done daily (for example, set the table for a family dinner or wash dishes, etc.) rest during the week. Duties do not relate to the lessons. This is a separate "article" that it is the personal responsibility of the child.

Other responsibilities choose other members of the family (all who live on the territory of the apartment/house) and the child needs to see this list and understand the volume and its participation in the Affairs of the house, feel the responsibility towards family. And, Yes, praise for what he does, let's have physical contact (hugging, stroking), talking about the value of his contribution in the comfort of home, care of other family members respect his work. Change responsibilities. Impossible one and the same a month with pleasure.

house Rules

To your child/children grow and develop in harmony with itself and the world to easily socialized, he/they need to be consistent and to have an internal frame structure. It is based on values, beliefs, principles, and rules adopted by the individual. Such a person is difficult to knock down "your way". Therefore, the growing identity in the childhood it is necessary to form the rules by which she lives. A good example can be a house rule. That's what all members of the family and child in particular.

Write down 10 points that will carry you and your children. For example:
1) after the street my hands;
2) come home change into home clothes;
3) after sleeping will refill the bed;
4) everyone cleans the dishes from the table or wash it;
5) say "thank you" and wish "good morning / night" - all good words;
6) do not take other people's things, only with the permission of the owner (for example, don't climb into mom's purse for her phone with permission);
7) do not call and do not fight;
8) tell the truth;
9) deliver on our promises;
10) love each other (a major transcript in the form of any action, it will manifest itself)

This is just an example. May be something already done by all family members, then this item can be removed and replace with what you want to develop in your child and your family.

Make no more than 10 that the children were easy to remember. And the first time with them, of course, have to discuss why is it necessary and what will happen if they do.
important (!) the rules apply to all family members.

Share how it turned out. Success!

Polina Nikolaevna
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