with Your way of life.

I like many, wondered when to get up in the morning? To day was as productive as possible and vigorously.

There are many concepts and theories, allegations and just information collection for this reason. I have tried many options for the morning rise.

I stood up and at 3-00 in the morning, doing mantra yoga, yoga and energy practices. Rose at 4: 00 am also pumped. Got up at 5-00, 5-30, 6-00, 7-00, 8,9,10 and in General all possible variants tried.

But a fixed rise time, couldn't find? During the week at 4: 00 to get up well, the other week, the body began to take its toll. You can get up at 4: 00 constantly, but observations show that the body has its rhythms. It on a drum that there in the Scriptures to write!

the Body is still in a day will resist the early rise. In General it would be a terrible discomfort. Some pundits, of course, attract its will and can survive six months in the early regime, there is no dispute. But these people still operate from the head, having read some "sacred Scriptures".

Practice shows to get up early in the morning, you need to live in a village where cows need to be milked; to work in a job where punished for being late; live in similar conditions, preferably not in the city.

In General, if the terms of a compulsory early rise, then Yes, it's possible. And if you want to get up to practices every day, that no one and nothing made? To get up early in the morning in the city, on their own, without stress and conditions. Like this?

Wake up feeling refreshed, without physical setbacks.

the Answer is there! At least this way I checked myself. I live in Moscow for several years, I have no mandatory upgrades to work. Had to get up at a different, but still wanted to do it early and with pleasure, regardless of the conditions.

six Months ago, I learned about the human biorhythm. The scheme is simple, calculate your biorhythm can anyone who knows their time of birth.

First, you need to know the time of birth. The more, the better.

Beyond that, add on 2 hours from the moment of birth, to the minute. For example, I was born at 7-40 a.m., plus 2 hours, going 9-40. This is my time! This means that this two hour period, my biorhythm is at its maximum point of Strength. During this period, I supported the external force, the energy (name as you want).

As a mobile phone, which put it on the charger. You can call and to play music to listen to... anyway to plug in.

the Other two hours is the decline in Strength, 9-40 to 11-40, my body will be off-peak, so to speak self-contained power supply of energy. As on batteries. If my lifestyle is maximally harmonious, this time, I won't feel as passive. If way of life is in disharmony, it will decline.

When the cell phone battery, can no longer hold a charge, and begins to sit down ahead of time.

Thus, from the moment of birth, you need to split the day for two hours. the first two hours of your time next two hours - self-powered, and so on.

to get Up in the morning you need at exactly the time when you begin your time! I like as effectively as possible 7-40, if earlier, then minus 4 hours(3-40). When I stand not in your rhythm, the whole day goes in the load.

If you were born in the afternoon or evening, then to calculate the effective lift will not be difficult.

the calculation of the biorhythm, applies to almost all human Affairs. An important business meeting and you need to do in a period of recovery of energy, need a break in period liabilities.

Even I write this article in the 9-28 in 12 minutes I will change the lesson in the energy practice, to maintain tone and balance.

Use friends, level up and experiment with fun! )))

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