The right people.


from 10 to 12 may, when the Russian people fully enjoyed the long May holidays, my overarching desire to learn led me to the V Baltic is a professional conference, the theme of which was designated as “IRRELEVANCE”. 

the Basic idea of lectures and workshops speakers at the conference was to ensure that in this age absorb the world - wide web, every person having access to the network, you can quickly and easily find the information they need and answer any question. Suffice it to refer to Okey Gulovich and all Your queries will be immediately satisfied.  

the Community of practicing psychologists and psychotherapists puzzled no wonder. In connection with the availability and speed of obtaining information for everyone, whether to continue to require the work of experts associated with the solution of spiritual problems and spiritual discomfort of a person? 

whether this profession will do in the foreseeable future? 

for me Personally the answer is simple - NEEDED!!! 

Explain why.

Remember one client case. 

Girl, 23 years old, a child of the Internet and Instagram, came to me for consultation with a request to help to understand the complicated relationship with her boyfriend. At the first session, among the first questions I asked : " How long have any difficulty and have You tried yourself to solve the problem?”.  Her response surprised me so much that I didn't know in those few seconds to cry or to laugh... 

“ of Course I tried to solve the problem, - replied the girl. I scored in the Google the question and read the replies or watched all sorts of videos on YouTube.”  

“ what has been helpful?” I asked. 

“ at First helped, and then I'm confused. Because my question is :" How to behave girl who had a fight with a guy?” , had too many answers, and many of them contradict each other! So I don't know what is right and decided to come to You!” 


there is a catch widespread availability of information. Today, no matter the number of responses, and is important to the ability of orientation in and understanding of reliability. The reliability that is necessary for You, not hundreds of millions of users.

But as Your gadget or any other device will know what You have in mind? As he/they can feel You  empathy and compassion? As the laptop will be able to determine Your energy and help you recover? Where will be the button of Your emotions or feelings? It's not possible! 

Only the proximity of humans, only his energy field and his ability to silently understand what is happening to You here and now, can be really NEED and even REQUIRED in those moments when you really want a simple human warmth. 

do You agree with the fact that the profession of a psychologist or psychotherapist will eventually become irrelevant and they will replace the "Yandex-Alice"? 

Very interested in Your opinion. Thanks for the comments. 

With love and care right reshenii 






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