Continuing the theme of personal crises, I note that , in the end, they reach climax, and, lo, hi, a shot of the Aurora thundered, shouting to the sailors and workers, Winter storm, and Lenin on the armored car inspires new life. But it's all happening in your soul and in your life. This kind of event after which have back definitely not. The resignation letter on the Desk from the chief, you left her husband-a tyrant, you have left my parents in a rented apartment, you had a fight with his company, which was 95 percent of the circle of your communication. Options the culminating event is a huge variety. Feeling the impact on our psyche is similar.

If we turn to the theory of revolutions, they happen when "tops cannot, bottoms do not want and the revolutionary masses capable of action". If we extrapolate this idea to human life, the top it is possible to consider their values and way of life that has ceased being satisfied, because absolutely no path to happiness, and does not help to achieve the desired effectiveness. Russian people have tremendous patience. It is logical to assume that the nation consists of individuals, who are also very long suffering that brings suffering, does not meet the requirements, Yes, and, ultimately, values. Nizami I would in this case have designated the Inner Child, which parents year after year promise to buy the machine, but every time there is a reason why they do not. No money, cars, and indeed, you this year was naughty, and bad boys machine Santa Claus brings. Now imagine that in one year, without waiting, once again machine, the child decides to live like this anymore, he does not intend, in any case. All come a limit. No the only way to be without cars. Anyway, no matter what happens. He will not live on, and all. He then writes a letter to parents that he loves them very much, and, nevertheless, to live without the machines he can't. Exactly. So he took some money and went to Grandfather frost, to ensure that the machine he gave him all the same. Without the machines he will not leave. Will try anything until you get the result. Not by chance Lenin introduced the third element necessary for a revolution. It needs power, a lot of effort. As a rule, power gives an unwavering desire and a healthy anger at the situation. For a single outbreak of force is usually enough for any human being, but then all the fun begins. Make the decision to cross the Rubicon is not the most difficult. It is difficult to be in a situation with a clean slate. You the money my parents took, and Santa Claus went, not thinking about what addresses you don't know, you don't have a smartphone, and where the station you really don't know. And to return you home, by the way, I can't because the address you forgot too. And that's before you all the variety of roads as you can go. In the beginning not so difficult to maintain optimism. As any man, first from his traveling bag you get the usual things that worked in a previous life. And, Oh, the horror, nothing works. Nothing. And it becomes even more interesting. At this stage many give up to the police, and after she returned home, dreaming about a typewriter, making the global concluded that no cars they do not deserve, and now have been to blame, the parents suffered, and the money you demand picked up, kind of like a stole.

If our hero does not surrender, then waiting for him a period of anguish when he falls asleep, crying in his parents ' home, Recalling my mother's voice rang out , grandma's delicious cakes and a game of chess with his father, and black-and-white fluffy cat, always lying on the battery.

Once standing, he counts the cash, puts up a ad on the fence "Please help me to find the way to Santa Claus, because I really, really need a red machine. You can find me under the bridge at midnight." And go shoals people. Some tell why this is the wrong goal in life – the red car. Others tell you how to stop hoping on Santa Claus, and make the machine yourself. Third that, so that Santa sure gave the red car, you need to dress in a special outfit is also red, and the same length as the coat in Santa Claus. But he asks the way to Santa Claus, address, map of the route and mode of transport, and telling him something quite different. And a further trainings called "How to believe that I deserve a red car", "1000 steps on the way to Pets to Santa Claus", "How to make any dream with the help of the oldest gymnastics used for fulfillment of desires shamans before our era". 3 days later he runs away from everyone, in another panic, feeling that he never comes to Santa Claus, if this is all you need to do before you get to it.

This is the second time when many are fleeing to surrender to the police, and their return home.

the Most persistent resolve to listen carefully to myself and my heart. Understand myself, why is it so important this machine, what they will do with it next, maybe you can not machine to achieve their goals, and maybe the machine will be not necessarily red, and pink, for example. Or blue. And maybe a helicopter will do. Importantly, to understand why this red machine is needed. To listen to yourself, and only yourself, selecting information and communicating with people with whom you want to communicate, who also strive for something, and remember that momentum and the feeling once a little boy went to Santa Claus behind the red car and promised to return.

And now, plan to conquer the hearts of Santa Claus, and receive a machine fully developed, the route has been planned, even travel to go was more cheerful, found. Buy a ticket and go. Oddly enough, at this stage, too, there are people who are willing to return home. It's nice to think that you got it all figured out, you like the process of getting information and forming it in a clear structure, and you've met some nice people, but it's time to go back. And then parents worry, probably, and money will remain tight. Our protect protect us struggling from applications obtained with such difficulty of knowledge. Fear of failure, and fear of luck can prevent us to move on to the next stage, and implement the plan in practice. And to introduce new methods of life very uncomfortable. The Braves are not coming down out of the way to deal with the effect of inertia, when the first time all the tried and tested new methods in the proportion of one to ten they will replace the old habit, and very slowly, this proportion will change in favor of new methods. But it's so wonderful when you take possession, in the end, new ways of life. It's quite fascinating. And once you already discover Santa Claus with the red machine in his hands. The way home is just a sweet dream where you remember all your basic steps, remember all your fall, despair and pain, and proudly say, "I handled it". And you promise yourself that you'll never wait for this day to live without cars is simply unbearable, and in the first year, when you give, you begin to think, and what you're doing wrong. In quiet mode, gather information, what depends on what, how to do it, and why you do it. But honestly, it's insanely difficult to do. Because any system tends to stability and peace, and it makes sense. In this period accumulate resources for future jumps. To keep abreast, to catch tendencies, to feel, where there are processes, constantly learn, to force yourself to do beyond what you can do, three more strokes, it may indeed very strong and passionately in love with life.

it is Impossible to make a qualitative leap in life, not experiencing the pain from that old period of life is finished, that old methods do not work. In fact, it is an indication that the purpose formed is qualitatively different, and methods of achieving it are radically different. Have patience, not to panic when everything is already destroyed, and bridges burned, and new, nothing is built, really, not a single brick is not put. It requires great courage , faith and real desire, because all of this you can only go for what is truly necessary and important, without which "...leaders cannot, and bottoms do not want".

Tatiana Chursina
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