The search for common


the communication people have a lot of guidance. Many people know that in order to be effective in communication, it is important to focus on the interlocutor, on his feedback, nonverbal responses. Known as well as increase the effectiveness of communication and various communication equipment. People learn to adapt to the posture and gestures of the interlocutor, to speak the same language as he, and much more. Often overlooked an important detail: that the communication is based through itself. Through the prism of their feelings and needs. One of the most difficult issues for a person that I now feel towards the person that I want him to do?
this Complexity interwoven from a number of elements, one of which, for example, can be called acceptable for a man of his senses and desire. It's hard to accept that in society to clamitia somehow unacceptable to the person with the label: "anger is bad", "it's impolite to show people that he bores me, he's not interested in me", "not to impose on their communication" and so on. It turns out that the mask of social roles painted not only outside but inside. Those colors and patterns, which one is ready to see for yourself. That was instilled in him for life in the process of education. the
Dialogue is search for common ground. Well, when the General is not communicative technology, but a living, human, personal content.

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