Secret ingredient. Thy will be done.

a cartoon about a Panda, the father told the son: "Rise, I tell you about the secret ingredient, and then... then you become..."

Sometimes does not add to the borscht beets or any other ingredient and it turns out soup. But instead it turns out borsch soup with meatballs. Not too bad. But not soup. Sometimes it's all about quality ingredients.

Today we tested one of the secret ingredients. And each of the readers can give it a whole sense.


the Exercise is the quads.


  • Master of the situation (selected as a self-reference, in turns or by lot)
  • the Deputy master of the situation
  • Deputy partner in a difficult relationship (rudeness, disrespect, etc. the kind of relationship that I don't like)
  • Deputy "thy will be done"


In the figure, "thy will be done..." everyone lays down and the Divine and our relationship to the divine. Someone humbly gives to steer the divine in you, the partner in the relationship.

Once we met, then this has some higher meaning. Something we want to teach. What we want to charge useful. Something useful that useful for the future or for today.

For me, this figure is a kind of catalyst that will help reveal some essence, some sense, something hidden or unseen, the positive intention of negative events will help to understand why we need this lesson. Of aggression and negativity in the huge potential of different things.

First stage:

the figure of the Deputy master of the situation and the Deputy partner of the roles, in the context of some difficult relationships, giving feedback to the master of the situation about how they feel in relationships with each other.

Second stage:

In the balance is the additional figure is "all done...", and the three moves in the space one step to the side. Figure chuvstvuetsa in the role in a new context and give feedback to the owner of the situation.

If the new way of placing a positive or just allows you to do the Master of the situation is included in the balance is his Deputy, and on his own experiences trying to feel the novelty and usefulness of the context.

If necessary, and if desired, the master of the situation can stand up in the place all the pieces in arrangement, and only then to take its place. It thus incorporates all of the exercises out of context, and of the role that could be meaningful, useful and deep.



  • when I came here, I was looking for juggling. A whole year of Yuri flashed in my feed, but I'm alive haven't seen him yet. I wanted to find my juggling. And I think that today I made the most of what is decided. I'm thankful for. I understand that you are close to me in spirit. A very strong group. All in the subject. Professional language. Understanding. The explanation is clear. To me this group has given a lot.
  • Negativity in the relationship (I'm sensitive about rudeness) says about pride. Pride is slighted self-esteem. To really get out of the situation painful reaction to rudeness – it is necessary to concentrate on something much more meaningful and important. Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on!
  • I'm still impressed by the arrangement of the tales. And the place I was successful. I saw all the details as to the theater went out.
  • Rudeness for me is to promise not to do. If the requests of women are too pushy, the man can go into sabotage, the refusal to do anything. Or it can happen because of low self-esteem men, his inability to say "No" when he is afraid to destroy the relationship or to grieve the denial, but then does not, because, in principle, does not have the resources to perform. ("I don't want... to Disappoint you with failure"). Mature self-sufficient person with normal self esteem, he or accepts help or refuses, adequately assessing their resources.
  • I remembered the story from some writer. Man to please a woman you need to have an impressive list of benefactors, and the woman to enjoy a man enough to stand before him naked. Today I was in the male role and very clearly understood. Man this one of a woman enough.
  • There is rudeness – like game, in order to exchange energy. You're nice, I'm glad, played, energy is exchanged, and it was good.
  • There is rudeness – as a kind of situation is almost like a game, but if you take too long you ignore it, it will develop into a problem in the whole story. And rudeness is a reminder of the danger. A call to look carefully at the reasons that are buried here. It's not very good. Deal with this situation.
  • There is rudeness – when it is clear that the problem is not the person, just the situation is so complicated. And the man found himself in this situation. It is not the cause. It is not necessary to agressirovat him. You have to look at the big picture, why this man was in such a situation. Not bad, and I'm good. And every link in the chain.
  • All four situations were very different. And it is very nice that there is no reason for templates. Each all his own.
  • Open everything very clearly and lucidly. Once again received confirmation that what is happening in my life is not my invention.
  • and I love how you did this exercise. The energy of the first arrangement – about a boy. The energy of the second arrangement – about a girl. Request how to deal with rudeness - it's about relationships. Thy will be done – is the ultimate meaning of things. It all came together in a three-dimensional Rubik's cube. And all of this, something got for myself. Every little bit helps, and our man – shirt.

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Yuriy Karpenko
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