The secret of a witch

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This is not an attack of narcissism (although I never hid the narcissistic aspects of his personality), is the alignment of all the dots over the I. My dear customers, especially young girls in their 18-25 spend most of their salaries and time on trips to the beauty salons. And when they come to me to find out what happened to them, because "the architecture of the brow" is there, nails in perfect condition, the lips (Oh my God! Lips with silicone ((((), chest in Moscow (!!!!) increased on two sizes...And happiness of women.
Starts the conversation , as usual, with introductions. Many clients ask me about the age, about which to learn, beginning to admire the state of my skin and lack of wrinkles..."Oh, and the lips you adjusted?" "No, never". "And never lifting didn't he ?" "Never," I say. And then a series of questions, so what's the deal? And here the most interesting begins. Completely change consciousness and transform personality to a qualitatively new level of development is not easy, but very interesting.
the Secret of attraction is simple and complicated at the same time: like the truth known, and how many resources you need to find within yourself to find it myself.

so 1. Love for yourself
3. The value of his uniqueness (what I'll look like everyone else? The complete lack of syndrome monkey).
4. Full, conscious and conscious rejection of alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol is never considered as something positive. And I don't want the myths about a noble wine, etc. By the way, my children are growing up in an atmosphere of absolute sobriety. And this is reflected in all - the quality of family relations: on understanding yourself as a person, not cattle, herd...In this regard I am deeply sympathetic to the Islamic concept. The value of sober and clear perception is the basis of the spiritual core.
5. And the desire to give a real, conscious , meaningful Love only the most beautiful Man, worthy of me! (Hence a priori valid emotional mechanism, completely denying the opportunity to "earn"love through sex with the first man).
Hope Arkhangelsk
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