The secret of beauty, or the eyes wouldn't see!


At all times were women are dissatisfied with their appearance. In our age, when social networks have become part of our lives the situation gets even worse. Especially in this respect, a typical example instagram.

the Impact of social networking on the exterior  

This social network is based on the priority of visual perception. The measure of beauty and success are the millions of followers and likes. Them  a decent girl with looks that are demanded of modern pop and mass culture. All the other girls and women who do not meet these criteria often feel deeply unhappy.

Take show business. For example, I can't distinguish a group of “Brilliant” from the group “Silver” or “Viagra”, as well as from lesser-known groups: “Whooshing”, “Sizzling”, “Crisp”, “Pennies”, “Aluminum”, “Soap”, “Valerianic” and many others. They all like incubator, on one person. I can't highlight  they have individuality. In group two blondes, three brunettes, or Vice versa.  Butt covered in a pair of shorts, tight busts in tight tops.  round and round they this economy as skillfully as in a strip show. Music all computer. Voices, too, all edited with the help of modern technology. But they are presented to us as the standard demanded of female beauty.

Absolutely impersonal marketing-silicon Etalon. If you're not, then you're losersa!

Love or war!  

a Woman or friends with  his body and love him or reject him and leads to his body war. What do you think is stronger? Love or war? Right! I also believe that love is stronger than war!

the Role of mirrors in making appearance

an Important role in the acceptance or war with the body is given to the mirror!

the Girl Lydia does not like her looks, so she tries to get around the mirror side, in order not to see his hateful reflection. Only in the morning, the girl briefly looks in a small mirror to apply simple makeup.

She also eschews beautiful mirror cabinets. They bring her disappointment. Lydia is sure that it is not worthy to wear beautiful and fashionable clothes. She tries to buy such clothes in which it is least noticeable. The clothes minus. It creates for Lida “negative” a space where she can hide her appearance and to her eyes have not seen!

beauty Secret

As an expert on adoption of the exterior will reveal to you small secret. The love the secret really helped me to accept myself and my appearance.

now When Lydia looks in the mirror, then imagine how it is reflected in the eyes of her favorite guy. She's always the most beautiful and the best! The eyes of your beloved is a mirror that you definitely will not disappoint!

If you cannot accept your appearance and your critic is working literally day and night, please contact the author of this article. Acceptance of yourself and your appearance, the process is very interesting and creative. I offered to pass it along to me.

And how you treat the display in the mirror? 

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