Yes, from the title of the article, you correctly understood. Today we will talk about the people whom it is impossible or almost impossible to hurt. more Precisely, about their secret of such equanimity.

No, here it's not going to be about robots, here we will talk about real people.

Right now, I'm not going to reveal the secret of every man who cannot be hurt. I speak, primarily your face on behalf of your experience with such people. If there are still some versions of the secret, please share in the comments. For me this can be valuable information.

To my story here was sincere, I must say that I do not consider myself a person who cannot be hurt. I consider myself a person who knows and uses the secret on purpose. Myself, I probably relate to people who may or may not decide to hurt them at this point in time. That is, if I see that I have the resources to negative emotions, I allow myself some time to be in this condition because usually after it I have more motivation for some activities.

This is my very personal feature, which is not necessarily equal.

to reveal the secret of equanimity, we first need to answer two questions.

That we can hurt?
  • Insults;
  • Criticism (as in the case, so not the case);
  • Recommendations/tips down;
  • Negative assessment of our behavior /thoughts/emotions;
  • In fact, anything at all.
Why do people want to hurt us?

(And here, attention, starts, very important stuff to understand the secret).

  • They do not understand our behavior/thoughts/emotions;
  • not close to Them our way of life;
  • They think that we are doing something wrong;
  • And a lot of similar items.

actually, there is one truly simple and correct answer to this "why". by the Way, is quite well known answer for some, if not many. Only he many denied, so think properly about this to write people.

People want to hurt us because they are deeply unhappy.

Believe me, the man who lives at least in relative harmony with each other, there will be no time or even the desire to say or do to you something unpleasant. This person will be too busy what is happening with him and in his life. It just won't think so.

only poor man instead of evaluating and changing yourself and life, will redirect its attention to the lives of others and will try to throw out the "poison" of dissatisfaction on other people.

Effective? Obviously not. But it's not about that.

so, the main secret of people who cannot be hurt:
  1. They value themselves, and their evaluation does not depend on opinions around;
  2. They know that those who they hurt, deeply unhappy people. And this story is not about them.

Here's a simple secret. Use health. If you want to.

And those who wants, finally to find harmony with yourself and ready to work hard on it – contact me. We can start a brand new life for you.

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Maria Zalesskaya
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