The secret of psychotherapy or "what's new tell me a psychologist?"


Sometimes in life something happens, and it is difficult to cope on their own... Sometimes we feel "stuck"... Rose sharply some painful issue or a crisis. Is it worth it to go to a psychologist? Can help individual psychological counseling? In addition to psychologists, psychotherapists, there are plenty of books for independent work with them, "Samarenergo". It so happens that you're kind all aware of, you know, all the causal and other relationships built, but, nevertheless, can't get rid of internal insecurity, bad feelings, can't let any real situation in your life, to build relationships. Like especially read the article, know it all, talking with smart people in their environment, and the problem is not solved. Some dead end. And I think your psychologist? What new things will he tell you? What else do you not enough to solve? Do individual counseling and psychotherapy able to help? br>
Well, first, can we be sure that all links built without having a professional look? What do you all do you? If there are any little details that you missed and not realized? Detail that you could not accept or digest still, rejecting superfluous, displacing in the unconscious? If your problem is "itching", does not rest, so, just something overlooked. And then, oddly enough, it's not that you tell a psychologist "something new". Yes, it can give some new information, something you never thought of and didn't know. But not necessarily so. And not only is the essence of the advice. In itself, the interaction with the expert, some of the nuances and "secrets" of this interaction is a new experience in which the changes occur. The psychologist could not say anything fundamentally new, but by building your contacts and relationships in a special way, saying you need at a certain moment, focusing on what you didn't do it – and here it is – a miracle therapy. Not to mention the fact that an experienced psychologist will specially select for you the equipment, techniques, and exercises that can help to visually see everything differently and find the key to solving the problem. br>
so, I propose to consider the points some "secrets" and the possibilities of psychotherapy in that case, if the problem can not be solved with the help of books, articles, group meetings and other ways and it seems that counseling is just another way useless and a waste of money. br>
1. Live contact, uniqueness of interaction and individual attention. Specialist with man and Man with Man. Psychologist is not just another method. It is a qualitatively different way of solving psychological problems, which is not replaced by anything. Books, friends, inner self-work is wonderful and necessary in our lives to get a holistic experience. However, a psychologist is a specialist who is trained and adjusted to work with a client who has both knowledge and practical experience of working with people, who by the nature of the profession "brewed" in this and doing it constantly. And, on the other hand, is a man with his perception, experience, which is also important for effective therapy. Therapy is not the only Specialist work with the Person. This is an encounter of One Person with Another Person. One Universe with Another. The psychologist in this Meeting exists FOR the customer, even if he talks about himself, uses his perception and personal characteristics. The difference of psychologist and non-psychologist is that he knows how to use himself for the benefit of the client. That is, the identity of the psychologist is his own instrument. He knows how its features and experience can be useful in working with the customer's request. With the exception, perhaps, is a psychoanalytic position, which minimizes the impact of his personality, occupying a neutral position relative to the client. In Gestalt therapy, for example, the specialist can consciously share your feelings in response to words of the client. But, of course, the feelings says the psychologist needs to be sincere and to the point, that is specialist in this case, it sees in this action a certain benefit to the client and the psychotherapeutic process. Unlike books, a person is "here and now", and walks up to you and your issues individually and holistically, seeing and working with you as a unique individual. In his Arsenal are special techniques and exercises and he picks them up individually in a certain order, as, if necessary, changing, coming up with a special combination just for you. A psychologist works with you as with another person, even if the problems his clients are similar. Similar problems still have their own structure, their important nuances from each individual, are experienced differently. Interaction with clients with similar queries might not be identical a priori. br>
2. The ability to find the right words at the right time. I have repeatedly told clients that remembering my words, scrolling in the head, they finally came out of his grave condition. Psychotherapy, in addition to other tools (various techniques, actions, attitudes) still remains the therapy of the word. And some thoughts which you already heard somewhere, gain a completely different meaning and sense when spoken at the right time in the right formulation at the right time. br>
3. Skill and art to ask the right questions at the right time. One of the main tools in psychotherapy – these are issues with which the specialist helps the person to realize and notice what he sees. To pay attention to something important. Come to some solution, or find a resource. Books and articles are, of course, also can ask us important questions, but in that moment? And whether those questions? The book can't take in Your life and in Your personality, as does the psychologist. br>
4. Emphasis! You have much to understand, know, read many books, but never escape from the circle on which run a number of times. You don't see the core, do not know on what to focus from the entire heap of situations and feelings, on what to pay special attention. Where to start, in the end. Sometimes in the conversation with the psychologist, the client focuses on a single problem, considering that this is the root of all evil, and the psychologist says, this is not essential. Or what makes the client is the consequence, not the cause. That is, you think you know everything about yourself, you know what we have to work and where to go, but it turns out that the problem is not solved, the happier you become, what you need to do approach to solving problems on the other hand...

5. Methods, techniques, exercises, homework. this also is selected individually and is done either in the presence of a psychologist, followed by a discussion or as homework with discussion in the next session. The book can give a technique, exercise, but it will not give you feedback. Some vehicles actually needs to carry out only specialist, purely because almost everything you can do yourself. br>
Here, of course, it is important to find what is called "their" psychologist. Yes, the task of the psychologist to try to find approach to any client. But the customer is not always ready to open up to anyone. Must establish basic trust in the therapist. Not every psychologist a person will be ready to interact and engage. The client may not like the appearance, style session, as the saying goes love cannot be. The personal characteristics of the psychologist is not may not touch the client. Sometimes that approach works specialist does not work for a specific customer. I occasionally hear from clients in different variations of something like: "You are still "my" psychologist". And it can be heard and those who have visited other specialists and "the meeting did not happen", and those who have not been to the counselor ever, but he feels that not any would work. It happens. Although there is another situation when the client visited several specialists and States that "no one helped me, no one understood me and psychotherapy not working ...". This client has convinced himself that he no one can help and goes to the experts to prove their point of view and more foothold in it. It happens in every one :)

One thing for sure psychotherapy works, and do not neglect the help of psychologists, considering it a waste of time and money. Look for a specialist that you can trust. With a psychologist you decide the problem quickly and efficiently get to know and explore yourself, but also get a skill of independent work with you in order to be able to handle similar situations independently. br>
"What's new tell me a psychologist?" the Psychologist will give you a whole new experience that will help solve your problem.

Azarov Maya
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