The secret of wealth for those who are still poor


In the world there are few people who would not dream to get rich.

  • the Life of a millionaire is a fabulous. It seems that he is the fulfillment of all desires and whims.
  • According to statistics, the number of millionaires in Russia is just over 0.1% of the population (currently there are about 180 thousand dollar millionaires).

Why someone is getting rich, while others there are insurmountable obstacles? Why dreams remain dreams?

the Secret of wealth is known to all, and is not complicated — "Expenditure does not exceed income, and the difference is invested wisely".

Let's understand, what is the complexity of these simple tips?

the First and most important reason is the lack of confidence in their abilities and capabilities.

because Of these doubts, many people do not even begin to do something, because they convinced themselves that they are doomed to inevitable failure.

Second, not to start a decisive action to move to wealth, is a lack of patience.

the fact that the process of "bogateniya" could drag on for a long time, and our people are not ready to wait. Give them "all at once"!

So the maximum that they are willing to do is to buy a lottery ticket. Agree chance to get rich so miserably small.

Third complexity — the impossibility for a layman to make informed choices among the variety of investment instruments.

In fact, all of these challenges/obstacles can be overcome:

  • the Main thing to decide to act persistently and purposefully;
  • it is Important to understand that the road to wealth is not a short and quick;
  • So there is no point to delay the beginning of its movement.

few tips, by which You will be easier to navigate on the way to their financial well-being:

1) Every journey starts with the first step.

the Only real steps/steps allow you to gain experience and obtain a positive financial result.

  • all beginners Have in mind first there was only the bare theory, which is then tested in practice and turned into "cash".
  • Believe in your success believe in him and your money (and will "multiply" to the delight of its owner).

2) Get into the habit on the day of receiving the salary immediately transfer part of it to a separate account.

This will allow You to start earning money.

Second step put their savings to work. Ways to invest too much to tackle all at once.

Start with the ordinary Deposit in a Bank with state participation. Then buy a currency (this can be done in your online banking). Then buy it (I recommend to do it through index mutual Funds).

In the next couple of years these tools you will be quite enough:

  • Learn them, understand all details and nuances.
  • then move to more complex forms of increasing their money.


  1. it Turns out that there is no special secret of wealth.
  2. It is all well-known, simple and affordable — "Start spending less than I earned, and the remaining money wisely invest in your future financial freedom."
  3. Only You are able to make themselves rich (this requires as early as possible, to decide to make the first move).


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Stuart McPhee
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