the Amount of information about PA is huge, but why is it that people do not change, the PA remain and affect our lives. Why? And because you need to act, not to read!

Share you my thoughts and experience. Put the huskies and participate in the discussion with their questions.

As if not terrible sound, but with a panic attack (PA) will help to manage the paradox. I it's easy use in therapy and believe me, it works. Don't forget that all these methods are environmentally friendly. Without medication and hypnosis. Without what implies a gross intrusion into the psyche and the body. They are soft, it's not a Pat on the head. Suitable for those who came to features, who can be against oneself hard and demanding. These are the main conditions for receiving the result.

the Mechanism is the same as when working with fears.

you Need not to run from fear, but to stop and look him in the eye. Same with PA, which press and block the air. Really need to strengthen this pressure. You need to beat gently, but firmly, as the famous character. Need to "curb", but not the person, and "Dark" in it that triggers the symptom. And this must be done very carefully and in relation to the man himself and his feelings. And of course, that must be very good and to feel deeply what is happening in the process, not to hurt the man himself.

There are two environmentally friendly ways of working with the PA.
the Mechanism of their following.
During a PA person myself, if you have the makings of a psychologist (one that understands and can take responsibility for a process) needs to produce authentic movement. You need not to run away from a panic attack, but rather to open up to her. And through this movement the energy of the PA in and out and in the end it will be a great discovery and awareness. In this exercise you will a lot of advantages: return energy, which is not enough for life, will be significant awareness of and last, the brain will see that it doesn't matter that this is not a limitation.
the Second method is suitable for those who can find a causal connection, and who has tried to meditate. You can go the intellectual side, to try to understand what it is about me. The first time happened, then, what preceded, etc.

Try to do these steps yourself, or find a psychologist to take responsibility for themselves, which would be able to trust the therapy.

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