The secret to a happy relationship


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Today let's talk about happy relationships.
do you think a happy relationship is a myth or reality? Write down in the comments what you think about this.
And we continue.
I often hear from my clients about this phrase: "I thought that my family would not!" or "to me that's not gonna happen!" or "I will be different!".
And these thoughts arise when one looks at the family of their parents, brothers or sisters or when he sees the family life of their friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.
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So that wasn't SO, but it was different, then do something too different, and often not to do anything at all.
a Normal person can't like NIT-picking, rudeness, cruelty, jealousy, overcontrol and other degrading behavior. So it doesn't matter if you are talking about man or woman.
However, excessive complaisance and softness will also be harmful. Very few people want to build relationships with plasticine. At first, it will be interesting to mold this clay his ideal, but it is very quickly bored.
How can that be? Two options, each of which will inevitably lead to the collapse of the family, relationships, hopes, illusions.
actually, it's two extremes, two poles. And we important happy medium.
Let's think together how to find her.
Yes, in the relationship flexibility is important, especially for women. And at the same time, flexibility does not mean to cave in, to become vergadering, crossed himself or to endure the disgraceful attitude towards himself in order to save your illusion.
without defending its borders are necessary.
there is No relationship, which would never be disagreements. If not, then there is no relationship.
I'm not talking about the rough-constantly arguing arguing between people. Such destroys the relationship and personality.
And at the same time, appropriate, respectful, calm defending its borders will only strengthen your relationship and help your personality become stronger.
And also show your partner how much you respect his personality.
Silently to the gold the middle of not come and reach an understanding in a couple.
Talk with your partner, communicate, and appreciate the time you spent together, look for the points of your compatibility.
And please remember that this communication must be secure. And in any case, do not use said your partner at this point in their purposes.
Appreciate the trust of your partner. But if that confidence yet, then will make every effort to see it.
I always tell my clients that the RELATIONSHIP is a beautiful flower, and if not water it, not to care for him from day to day and don't love it, then sooner or later, he will die.
And the quality of the communication between the partners, just have water for this flower.
so, to sum up. One of the secrets to a happy relationship is a quality, respectful, trusting, warm fellowship.
Please share in the comments your thoughts and experience in building relationships.
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For today.
don't forget to take care of your flowers and be happy!

sincerely and best regards,
Berg Elena
a Professional psychologist
a Successful leader
Experienced mother
And just a happy woman
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