That money for you − the possibilities, the energy, joy, or you associate with them such feelings as fear, insecurity, pressure from the environment? Money is a powerful resource in the right hands, so it is important to learn to build good relationships with them.

How emotions affect the abundance or lack of money

Our state of mind plays a key role in the current situation. Where do you think more money will come:

  • person experiences feeling of universal injustice, "black" envy, perpetual dissatisfaction that has no spontaneity, works only for digits in the total monthly check;
  • the person is in a state of gratitude, love, see the joy in the simple things, feel the lightness of being, performs work from the feeling of self-worth and usefulness to society, builds a balance of give − take?

This does not mean that the accommodation of negative emotions, you need to put a ban (this will lead to the appearance of mental and bodily blocks). The point is to create a strong support in life and stable emotional background. He opened up cash flow.

Remove limiting beliefs

we Often hear or even use in the speech phrase:

  • "no Money";
  • "No hundred roubles, and have hundred friends";
  • "Money love silence";
  • "Money corrupts";
  • "a lot of money only to steal".

In the collective unconscious money gave almost demonic properties. These beliefs are entrenched firmly in the subcortex, denying access to energy.

I Suggest you take a sheet of paper and a pen to write down 10-20 of your own thoughts about it. Analyze which ones are true and which can be replaced with healing plants.

a Healthy love for Finance

the Topic of money still remains somewhat of a taboo in the field of interpersonal communication. Often material wealth opposed to spiritual values, especially the older generation that was brought up in a different economic system. The paradigm has changed and we still continue to use unsustainable behaviors, whether we realize it or not.

Generic scenarios do not necessarily need to "uproot" enough to correct and mitigate their own or seek help from a psychologist.

But to act, to grow as a person and professionally, but to remain at the same level of income − is a sign that you are afraid of money and will not allow themselves to accept them. When such contradictions are resolved when you love money, then they will enter into life freely and easily.

Practice to attract money

Imagine the amount of which arises from bodily stress (first bills in your wallet or on the card, then his monthly salary, the sum of all incoming finances along with savings, etc.).

When you found that figure, learn to feel the joy of owning her. On what financial goal you spend it? Way to this amount bright, spacious, or thorny, with many obstacles? The choice is in your hands.

Shramchenko Eugene
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