In this article I want to discuss some very effective methods that will help a woman become confident. I really want to see confident women as much as possible, and then the world will be transformed and Shine with bright colors. After all, the woman is the main decoration. Let these secrets will help a woman in finding her personal power.

1. Stop to compare and criticize yourself

Compare and blame myself – a bad habit which destroys internal support, deprives the ability to feel worthy woman. It is very important to believe in your uniqueness. Realize that this world you need exactly what it is. What you laid those unique natural abilities and talents that can be only you. Of course, not just immediately take and believe in the talents that so much time could not be disclosed because the were covered by a layer of restrictions and destructive attitudes. The process of self-acceptance for what is, and yourself permission to just be requires tolerance and time. First you need to make a decision to cease to compare and to criticize and to notice those moments when you do it yourself. This is the first step towards getting the habit to compare and criticize myself began to let go of you.

2. Stop making excuses in front of others

How often have to apologetically explain that you didn't want to offend or hurt? Or there are situations that feel very awkward and uncomfortable? This happens because of inner feelings of guilt. As if someone gave you full rights and permissions to manifest itself in full measure.

So, dear women, you have every right to be and to live your own life, and not all of your actions should receive the approval of others. You don't have to like and be good for everyone, and should not please everyone. Allow yourself not to take responsibility for all the feelings of the people – to remove this unwanted "halo" and you will feel like you are becoming easier.

3. Take compliments

Taking the woman in his address of thanks and words of admiration reveals its true nature: femininity, beauty, tenderness. Compliments and words of gratitude filled the woman with a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. The only thing that prevents a woman to take them: she doesn't feel worthy of thanks and worthy of such words. In this case, tell yourself: "from Now on I will say thank you in response to a compliment" and start to do it. Even if you encounter strong resistance, just notice it, gradually it will decrease, and you get used to admiration in your address.

4. Fill yourself with positive emotions

to get rid of the negatives, simply to crowd them out with positives. Easy and simple. For this you need to fill your soul with positive emotions: listening to inspirational music, watch movies about happy relationships, say affirmations, to communicate with positive people who support you and understand.

5. Assist other people

When you will be especially hard on the soul and you will feel in the void, think about a familiar person can also be in need of help. And if you contact him and talk, support him, as a result, your energy capacity will increase. After all, who gives receives. And you feel that you are not alone.

6. Start to have fun

Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing. Take a bath with aromatic oils and sea salt soak up, and try to relax then visit massage or Spa treatments, Holte and cherish yourself.

Develop your sensitivity. Try to slow down the pace step while walking and feel how the air touches your face, slowly inhale deeply and feel the fullness.

Do what you like it. Pay more attention to their interests. Communicate and notice how much joy and fun can bring to communication. Flirt and feel free to play! It's fun. Stop being serious, be spontaneous and open. Be surprised everything new and you really transformed. Smile, do not resist the joy, you deserve to be happy. Experience the life as a game, let it become easy and spontaneous, and you will see how the world around you will change. While your enjoyment will flow out and attract more joy. Because, as you know, what's inside, then outside.

7. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Believe me, is not mistaken who does nothing. It is really so. Don't be afraid of the new experience - it will expand the boundaries of your personality and lead you to success.

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