I want to tell You how I understand happiness. To tell something that helps me to feel MORE happy. And, maybe, my knowledge and my experience will satisfy You!

"Happiness is all the time changes your face!"

I think that happiness is not a constant. It is impossible to be equally happy, if You're not a Tibetan monk, plunging himself into Nirvana.

And this is the mistake that I constantly come! I keep waiting for that "today will be just as beautiful as yesterday." Yesterday's happiness will be with me today and through the week. And I always break off.

  • Yesterday I was admiring the beauty of the late autumn and was happy. And today I'm not get from the contemplation of so much fun. And I'm trying, look, yesterday I was blissed out – but today not skipped a beat! Not skipped a beat and that's it!
  • Still "yesterday" I was looking forward to when I'll call my boyfriend and talk to him for me was happiness. And today we speak less, and there are other things besides love, that fill me with joy.

...You sure this account has its own examples!..

And so in all!

Happiness all the time changes your face! Most importantly its time to find out!

And here is the first secret of happiness: seize the moment.

Happiness is made up of individual moments of experiencing joy, pleasure, admiration, appreciation.

And we need to develop the skill to notice these moments: for example, notice when you are happy.

even a trifle, not worthy of attention!

Let Your joy is quiet, not overwhelms You.

But You are happy this moment!

And here is the second secret of happiness: do not run! enjoy this moment!

As they say psychologists, be in it! Not devalue! Try to fill up with feelings that You are experiencing at this moment!

If you want to be happy, then learn to seize the moment and learn to enjoy momentum!



Watch what You happy today, what was fun, what excited You. Were You able to enjoy these moments?

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