the Vedic wisdom points to women's asceticism:

- always be beautiful (physical beauty of a woman's body)

- to be obedient to husband (relationship)

- to be the inspiration of your men.

The "Kama Sutra" refers to female qualities necessary for a full family life.

64 quality women that make it perfect:

1. to Have determination to follow her husband.
2. the Ability to deliver the most pleasure to the spouse.
3. the Ability to guess and get ahead of the desires of her husband.
4. Ability to be collected in any situation.
5. the Possession and control of the sexual power to make their children highly spiritual ancestors.
6. Cleanliness.
7. knowledge of the love games and the art of lovemaking.
8. Agility in loving poses.
9. Ability it is beautiful to undress.
10. the Ability to arouse the interest of the spouse of their behaviour and attire.
11. Ability to present themselves.
12. the Ability to initiate husband.
13. the Ability to leave without disturbing sleeping husband.
14. the Ability to Express and to subdue his feelings.
15. the Ability to eloquently Express thoughts.
16. the Ability to do a variety of massage, to support longevity and health.
17. the Ability easily to move and dance to different tunes. br>18. ability to control the jealousy of her husband.
19. the Ability to grow roots and to create a cosiness in any environment. br>20. the Ability to cry.
21. to Know ways to fall asleep after my husband.
22. knowledge of the various characters.
23. the Ability to show the necessary character.
24. the Ability to appease an angry wife.

25. the Ability to negotiate and conduct business.
26. the Ability to communicate with the elements of nature.
27. the Ability to recognize the qualities and abilities of people. br>28. the Ability to reason, identify patterns and draw conclusions.
29. Knowledge necessary for the protection of honor and dignity.
30. the art of Cooking and making beverages.
31. the Ability to use her hair; knowledge of hairstyles and the ability to style your hair.
32. the Ability to prove his innocence.
33. Conscientiously perform their duties even in the case of the loss of her husband.
34. the Ability to decipher dreams and to interpret signs.
35. business calculations, knowledge of measures of weight, volume, density.
36. the Ability to make clay utensils, household items and toys.
37. Knowledge of games that improve thinking abilities.
38. the Preparation of paints; coating of textiles, yarn, clothing, utensils, knowledge of the basics of color science.
39. Knowledge of the properties of stones and the ability to use them.
40. Healing treatment: herbal medicine, charms, treatment with life force.
41. Knowledge of wild plants and their use in the home, nutrition and medical treatment.
42. the Ability to get in the garden a good harvest, to preserve it and to make food of the workpiece.
43. Knowledge of animal husbandry.
44. Communication with animals; their training, suggestion of necessary actions.
45. the Ability to recognize the human condition in his handwriting, beautifully and intelligently Express themselves in writing.
46. the Ability to pass through painting and drawing their state and perception of the world.
47. the Preparation of garlands, wreaths, bouquets and the knowledge of their hidden meaning.
48. Knowledge of fairy tales, epics, legends, Proverbs and folk songs.
49. the Production of fabrics and yarn of various materials, manufacture and decoration of clothing; intimate knowledge of the meaning of the patterns and characteristics of the products.
50. the Composition of verses, songs and their execution.
51. knowledge of the favorable and unfavorable musical rhythms, meters, melodies and their playing on various instruments.
52. to be Able to sleep in any position.
53. the Art of entertaining games; dexterity and skill.
54. the Ability to decide on the ground.
55. the Ability to juggle a variety of objects.
56. the Ability of deception ("deception", with the mind with the truth: tricks, pranks, practical jokes, sleight of hand, deceit).
57. the Ability to guess the intended number, names, objects, phrases,
58. Knowledge of games based on guessing (riddles, puzzles, charades, hide and seek).
59. the Ability to mislead opponents.
60. Knowledge of different games on the dispute.
61. dolls games, rites and witchcraft.
62. Knowledge of the tax system.
63. knowing the basics of zvezdochkina: favorable and unfavorable days.
64. the domestic and ritual Witchcraft, knowledge of folk customs.

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