The secrets of stress 24/7

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Hundreds of years, people lived simply and slowly, tradition determined the rhythm and content of life - how to dress, how to raise a child, what to do on Sunday. Over the last 100-150 years has radically changed, the traditions have replaced the trends, everyone is forced to create living space. In today's world the only constant element is change. Stress resistance in the twenty-first century has become a cornerstone of personal characteristics.

Why do people handle stress? How it can help to live happily ever after? All elementary - stress tolerance ensures our ability to exist in a changing environment. Stress (H. Selye) is a set of nonspecific adaptive reactions of the organism to the influence of various factors (both positive and negative) that disrupt homeostasis (balance). That is, stress occurs in humans when disrupted the usual course of life, and there are unusual situations: whether wedding, or exam. It is the ability to handle stress allows us to deal effectively with difficult tasks.

Stress, in my opinion, has 3 basic components that are important to track and maintain. The first is the physical well-being, physical health, balanced nutrition and physical activity. The secret to good physical condition - ability to relax. If a few minutes between appointments You can imagine as you relax on the seaside, resting the body and head, so You always can restore alertness. The second component is psychological well-being, peace and harmony. Secret of peace lies in the ability to see the positive side in everything, including new opportunities in any situation. And the third component, not less important, is social welfare, a warm and close relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and favorite work and financial stability. Good relationships start with listening to the other person, to identify the needs of the partner in the course of conversation, that is the secret of social welfare.

the Development of stress is available to everyone - it is a constant practice, daily care for your body, psyche and relationships. If You feel any difficulty in maintaining the well-being and of happiness in life - ask for help. Ask for advice from relatives and friends, chat in forums and groups and social networks, consult psychologists, nutritionists, trainers, coaches, doctors. Remember, You - the one and only!

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