Working with pregnant women in prenatal courses, are often faced with questions about preparing for breastfeeding. Some future moms are worried about what milk will not. Someone for the fact that it will not be enough, and the child will not eat.

So whether you want to prepare the Breasts for lactation? And if so, how this can be done in pregnancy?

the First thing is to "want" to feed the baby her milk. After all, the dominant breastfeeding just out of nowhere will not take. In most cases, expectant mothers, graduating from Lamaze classes, quite successfully feed their babies breast. Throughout the class they talk about the benefits of breastfeeding, that is a prerequisite for successful breastfeeding. So that the children of such mothers, on an unconscious level, is well aware of the need of mom's milk. And these women are much less problems in the feeding period.

it is Important to remember about the true origin of man. Their biology we know that a reasonable person apply to members of the class milkfeeding. Base words with MILK milk. So how can we be without it?

In fact, the reasons for the lack of milk not so much.

  • Lack of attitude of women to breast-feed. It is important that the future Pope had this attitude.
  • Absence of early initiation of breastfeeding (immediately after birth within first hour). 90% of the world's children receive early attachment. In our country, unfortunately, it often happens that the child make at the request of a woman in labor. Next, the child is placed on the abdomen to the mother for 10-20 min. Early attachment to the nipple contact "skin to skin". It stimulates the endocrine system (i.e. the production of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for milk production) and psychological peace of mind of the child.
  • Rare latch the baby to the breast in the future, strict regulations, strictly by the hour. Technical terms the process of feeding.
  • stress.
  • the Physiological characteristics of women (various disorders of the secretory and excretory functions of the mammary glands).
  • the refusal of breastfeeding because of the medication.

Therefore, let us tune in to successful and happy breastfeeding.

this is not so much required.

1) Mandatory hardening of the Breasts, every morning. Air bath for 10-15min. Contrast perfusion of the breast makes the skin more elastic. Breasts are less susceptible to injury.

2) communicate More with breastfeeding mothers or women who have positive experience in this matter. Attend classes on preparation for breastfeeding. There, women received the right attitude and a set of recommendations for successful occurrence of this process.

3) Prepare for a good childbirth. Go to the courses. Perform recommended physical and psychological exercises. It is important to remember that the fewer medical interventions you will receive, the more successful breastfeeding. And intervention, these are most often due to improper behavior of women in childbirth, because of her lack of preparation.

4) Read more literature about successful breastfeeding. (J. V. Constantinople, Nikitin, Boris and Lena, Sirs W. and M. W Ledlow). All these books are popular. From them you learn. That with your child you need to act intuitively, and not always listen to the advice of others-experts and various well-wishers.

5) If you have any concerns about your own success breastfeeding (e.g., flat or inverted nipples) talk to a lactation consultant. Here you may need some guidance.

6) a Physical impact to the chest (such as rubbing or massaging of the nipple) is not considered to be necessary. It is believed that the best prevention of nipple cracks, is the correct attachment of baby to the breast (it should be painless, trauma to the chest), the correct handling of the breast by the mother (not necessary to wash the Breasts before and after feeding). And in pregnancy 30 weeks – do not use soap and washing gel for the nipple and areola. Soap dries the delicate skin and washed away a secret, secreted by the nipple to maintain flexibility.

7) For all pregnant women use a special gymnastic exercises for strengthening the chest muscles. After all, most of the changes occurs at the time of carrying a child. Experience feeding plays no role. For example, the exercise "Scissors". Hands in front of you; or palm put pressure on each other in front of chest on the exhale, elbows to the sides. Especially important these exercises are for those moms who are afraid of losing the good shape of the breast after feeding. These exercises will not hurt lactation milk, and the woman will retain its appeal.

So, what to successful breastfeeding are preparing is no longer the chest and head. The sound of the phrase d & M. SARS: "Prepare for childbirth and mind and body...". Unfortunately, it happens more often that fiasco in breastfeeding suffers a woman not ready to become a breastfeeding mother, in doubt of the necessity of breastfeeding, doubts his abilities and has not enough information in this question. it is Important to remember that every woman is able to nurse her baby, even if you are convinced of the opposite.

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