The sense of humiliation, or how to regain their lost dignity.


Today I would like to continue the theme of the article, "Stop being a victim", and talk about the kind of feeling experienced by every person caught in this role, the sense of humiliation. This pernicious feeling that can destroy a person's life and make it unable to fully realize themselves in life, to build a harmonious relationship and experience positive emotions. This feeling is so devastating that pushes a man to the injurious, which can manifest itself in constant self-flagellation and inflicting self-harm "cultural" ways, which also includes the use of alcohol, tobacco and so on. Or aggression towards others, which can be expressed as the desire to disparage another person's sarcasm, by the way, belongs here too.

As a rule, the person who is in the role of victim, will always see in each other the source of their suffering, that is, the one who humiliates him. And here he gets trapped in his own mind, which makes it forever or at least to stay for long in this role. But there is one big BUT, the sense of humiliation is a phenomenon that occurs only in ourselves! That is before we are humiliated, we are humiliated themselves! All painful situations and people we encounter show us our own weaknesses and mistakes. As the saying goes, hit where it hurts.

let us now Try to understand the root of this problem. And the first question which should be asked will be: "If I am not so worthless as you think about me and myself, then what am I? Who am I?" This is the first step to change my life. In my articles I often rely on ancient scientific knowledge that give a full picture of life and have lost, unfortunately, its popularity due to the fact that people now aspire to authorship of the laws of life. Human nature, but like every living being, has a spiritual basis, that is, elevated position. She has all the qualities we need for happiness, and the ability to always love and be loved. But under the influence of external events, we can make mistakes and so forget your true self. What is the error? Error is our wrong choices, when we chose to go against themselves, their desires, their needs, their values, ideals and its goal. When we obey the external requirements, while internally there are not agree with this. And here begins the process of self-abasement. The more and more we compromise our principles, the weaker we become and the easier it is for others to tell us our weaknesses. Not knowing yourself and your nature, the person is left only to grieve and to be humiliated victim.

What to do with it? How to find your true self? In his article "the 10 components of turning an ugly duckling into a Swan" I have already touched on some of the components that can help us to gradually purify his consciousness from the mental traps and negative emotions. But now I would like to offer you the four directions with the help of which You can already make concrete steps on the path to him. These are the four areas of life that are an integral part of our nature and which we cannot neglect. You can see how they are manifested now in your life where the hardest thing you went against yourself, betraying your self.

the Physical realm is responsible for our basic needs. How much you care about their health, about their appearance, how much time do you devote to work, how much rest? Are you here care about yourself or neglect your body?

Emotional sphere responsible for our need for intimacy and self-expression. How are you open in the manifestation of good feelings to other people, how much are you willing to say that you are offended without offending the dignity of another, how much are you willing to allow yourself to find joy in life? Here I would also like to underline the relations with the opposite sex, where we make the most mistakes. This requires a topic for discussion. Every woman especially should think about how it goes against his nature and his desires in a relationship with a man. Here in the most evident sense of humiliation. An example of a "civil marriage", after which she is thrown, or to communicate with those men who don't respect her and behave rudely and irresponsibly. Only when we have no internal understanding that women have a very different role in life, we lower the bar to yourself.

the Intellectual sphere is not just information, it's knowledge that helps us in life that shape our quality. How often instead of opening the book, prompting you to development, you turn on the TV or take a newspaper?

the Spiritual sphere, which can ask us the direction and purpose of life. Which leads to self-awareness and the discovery of meaning. What will elevate us to a position, ignore this, we will remain humiliated all the same.

after Analyzing all the areas of your life and keep track of all the possible errors you can think through the steps that you can take according to your situation and your true desires. Determine yourself time, like 21 days when you can devote attention to himself. Even if it will be at least one hour, but every day in order to finally say "Yes" to your life.

I Wish You success on the path to self-realization!

Also Express my gratitude to my teachers and mentors.

Golubeva Anna
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