The sequence


How often do we miss very little. The smallness that is, in fact, is of great importance, and valued all people, without exception. This little thing allows you to plan for the future and planned. This is the sequence. I am sure that no one can deny the importance of this smallness.

But to be consistent not to respond all the same. A sequence is a system of principles and adherence to them. The presence of the principles of education and adherence to these principles. What is the sequence? The existence of an action plan, development, realization. The availability of the plan. There is no plan – there is no consistency. Because the plan only gives an insight into what should be. And this is the sequence. More depth of planning (time on which is based the plan), the easier to be consistent in its manifestations, in particular, in education. How long is the process of education? This is how you decide. It can last your entire life or as long as planned.

But there is a feature. Strict adherence to the principles and prohibitions, without regard to the understanding of the ultimate goal, is not a sequence. This is a sign of weakness, inflexibility and uncertainty. It all depends on the source of principles and prohibitions. If they are your own – following them is a sequence. If they are outside (on your own), forced on you by your environment, or authoritative "friends", it turns out ,Vice versa.

How to determine yours or others?

For the normal development and learning sequence, children need to have parents ' behavior was predictable. Anything but predictable. Children to all can adapt (adapt). Even by self-destruction (presenting symptom). They know what they want from parents in any consistent behavior of parents. That's interesting, what do parents want? And in fact, what is happening with children, and this is the true motive of their conduct, despite the fact that they declare openly. We, the parents themselves create the behavior of their children to their own behavior.

to Be consistent means to obtain predictable behavior regardless of his own moods and States. Therefore, predictability promotes self-control. The skill of self-control the parent. It is skill, not the knowledge that is necessary or useful.

Lack of self-control manifests itself in emotional incontinence. And the manifestation of negative emotions, in turn, is a manifestation of the I-centric (I-centric worldview). I-centrism suppresses all around to the best of their capabilities (what it can reach). In turn, the I-centered world-view asserts that above I there is nothing, and, thereby, denies God, and as the highest manifestation of mind, and as the deity. When you are angry, disturbed, offended, or vinoveritas vinovatye other, ashamed or shame others feel quite unpleasant emotions, then you become atheist. No wonder there is a proverb that despair is a sin.

it Turns out that just enough to control myself (to exercise self-control in his life) and consistency in the life and education you provided.

Oleg Timofeevich
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