The silence after an argument


are you Familiar with this situation:

Any disagreement with his/her part ends with silence 🤐 ?

Those who are familiar, you probably remember how humiliating, painful and most importantly it is not clear:

for what?

why me not want to talk? why do I stop to notice?

what am I doing wrong?

And the main question, is it normal what is happening?

No it's not normal!

Silence during an argument, not to say the wrong thing, that one.

But the silence, when the fight is over - this is one of the types of emotional abuse.

Very often, the silence turns into a convenient tool to control a partner.

You must understand that this is a real manipulation, and its purpose is to punish, humiliate and devalue the partner.

to Show that you're not important to me, you are nothing, empty space.

Your feelings, desires do not have for me no value.

the Habit of playing the quiet game mainly comes from a family in which the person grew up.

This can be as a personal example of parents ' behaviour when unwanted actions of the child, the mother or the father, instead of talking to him, did pained face and fell silent. Like you can see how bad you did, so I keep quiet. Correct the situation, then again speak to you.

Or certain parental phrase: "I don't want to talk to you!","I don't care what you think/feel!","Don't want to see/hear you!" etc...

If you know yourself, and you are the one who play it , then let me give you some advice:

we should Never gloss over their problems.

don't be afraid to talk about their feelings and experiences.

Silence does not solve problems, it creates them!

Problems will do more to solve them each time will be more and more difficult.

And if you are the one who experiencing all the delights of silence partner, try to convey to him the meaning of this text.

Explain to him that you suffer from this situation.

Try to negotiate acceptable to both parties behavior.

Very often, in my experience, partners develop a strategy how to behave during and after a fight (if the fight is still inevitable)

if you do not hear, it is reason to wonder if Everything was okay in our relationship?

Love and protect each other💕

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