At night the baby came a huge lion. Like from Jumanji, remember? More real a half times. And maybe, baby, he seemed much larger than it is because the baby itself is small, it all seems great. Even the kitchen table where you can arrange the whole staff. yeah But not about that. Lion, I mean. Child fear hides under the blanket, and Leo is in a dark room, and, as if nothing had happened, rests directly on the baby. And so it lies there, barely breathing, terrified child, and a huge lion, smashing him to the bed. Lie, while horror not exhaust the child so that he will sleep disturbing, interrupted sleep. 

of course, my Parents don't know. Because if you tell your parents about the lion - they do not believe. They will say: 
- Well, what a lion, darling, there's no lion. It seems that you reviewed Jumanji. 
And he them: 
- No, Leo is! 
And they to him: 
- Yes, no lion by our room did not go unnoticed that you. We would have heard of any lion. So there is nothing to fear. You're better than the movies and cartoons less see more - walk. 
Sometimes they even say with a laugh and sparks of laughter in his eyes. Sometimes, with irritation. Some kids are a slap - for what such adults already, and so stupid. Some mom or dad can say "Yes, dear, lion, Yes... please Bring the lemonade". Some round from the horror that kid never dreamed, eyes, and "him to a psychologist to take? Or a psychiatrist... honey, you have just caused the mother pain!". Modern parents have to say about computers and tablets. Damned mechanisms spoil the psyche of their children. Meanwhile, the kid learns that, first, feelings and sensations his cheating. Secondly, to parents about frightening the lions can not handle. Better to be silent about all the lions that occur on the road. Because they don't exist and the kid is just a liar, who reviewed Jumanji. Or sick. Or that really bad: it causes pain to the mother, and the mother he loves, but time hurts - so does not like? But loves! No need to keep quiet about the lions, the health of the mother is more important. 

Growing people, who considers his feelings misplaced and self-proclaimed. Growing people in the delusion that his feelings, emotions, feelings and sometimes even thoughts of harming others. Growing people with a huge lion on the chest, which prevents a person to breathe. Just stick your head out from under the blanket - bite. And, Yes, this is the most paradoxical - from an adult lion is not going anywhere. Why go if not evicted? Lion comfortable. All a person comfortable. People read it with human eyes. I'm comfortable? Lightweight exhale. So, I'm a good boy. Today I do not hurt people. 

unfortunately, lions don't just exist - some of them walk on two legs. And so, one of these lions is touching the child or adolescent in the wrong places, and the child, accustomed to freeze with the advent of lion, it is freezing here. Because if to stick his head out from under the blankets and scream, how much is enough undeveloped yet but very sonorous lungs lion head bite. This is it, the lion territory. It is his right. Fear, outrage, panic, horror, pain? It seems to me, I'm a deceiver, an impostor. The full range of parental reactions above - in the mind of a child. Parents can not speak, Leo may not even ask about it. 
- What happened, dear child? You are such a white-red-blue-yellow-green! 
- Nothing, mom, it's okay, - smiles the whole width at the Hollywood smiles professional person - a friend had a fight. But don't worry, I'm fine. Everything is OK. 
And burning shame. So big, and is afraid of any lions. There is no them, there is nothing at all his childhood fantasies. 

I don't understand what my partner needs, complains the man, He says that I'm as cold as an iceberg in the ocean. On Pluto. What I'm not listening, not support, do not like. Well he should, I don't understand, I'm all for it: work, never complain, silently, suffer to them with the child was well. Child there - rats unclear what, always nervous, always in a bad mood walks. I at his age does not allow(a). 
- what do you feel about this? - asks sitting in front of a psychologist. Just in the body as the channel of transmission: despair, pain, sorrow, irritation, resentment. And then, after flying in as an explosive shell, of the terrible palette gives way to a smooth and grey like a canvas mask. The man freezes, it is freezing. Psychologist just turned to him Lev. 
- I do not feel most are sincerely trying to convince yourself people - what I need(a) to feel? You simply explain that they need what I gave them(a) what they want from me, and about feelings, do not ask, feelings can not eat. 

Knuckles turned white. The man strained, stretched as a string. Then out of the session and will not understand, where did this tiredness which nailed him to the bed for a day or three. Following the feelings automatically disables access to your body. It's about the discomfort and the discomfort is (self -) deception. By the way, Yes, if I live it, so live and so should be everyone else. I don't understand why my kid is such a whiner. I don't understand why my husband after dinner, stick in the TV. I don't understand why my wife cries at night. I don't understand. I am not able to understand what I don't have access. I can't read other that that they are unable to read in itself. Not able to accept others that are unable to take in itself. There are good and bad feelings. Bad feelings do not need anyone, they are only trouble. Through the bad feelings people hurt each other. 

Set these terrible, by its nature, belief is a sign of a deeply traumatized psyche. Deeply injured one child that someone had not heard, not accepted, not protected, which someone couldn't open up and talk about feelings: their own and his child's, feelings. The senses which are not divided into good and bad, and those with whom we are coping more and those with whom less. A child who is told that his body, room, thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations - it is only his territory, and his alone to decide whether to let the lions in the back, and how. And on what terms. Not told that there are lions who can not keep away at all, and some have to run, just to see. And some need to shout in all throat, and some even fight, and about all the lions have to tell mom, dad, or someone who their child is. To tell that the parents are no lions are not afraid of them, will always protect, and to protect, damn it. To protect your child in the face of any danger, even if you adults forgotten how to see the magic around, don't see the danger. Even if something seems absurd. Usually, the stronger the negative reaction to "Fudge" of the child, the more vivid the highlighted part is the "parent injured himself". And then to protect the child even have from yourself, from your the injured part, which hurts when the child to talk about feelings. Which itself novarossi child. 

do Not be afraid to recognize your lions and thus give yourself a chance to get rid of them. For if you do not see it does not mean that it is not. 

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