Butterflies are amazing insects, their diversity is admirable.

a process of maturation and birth is unique.
First, being in the egg.
That reminds intrauterine development of the child.
If the formation has a favorable outcome, then there is the great sacrament of birth.
From the egg comes the caterpillar.
It is very voracious, it is necessary to eat to survive and advance to the next stage of development.
She eats the leaf, to which was attached the egg and its shell.
is Growing and gaining weight.Periodically shed, updated.

Born child needs nourishment and care.
After feeding the little man knows warmth, love, a sense of basic trust and security that is passed in the interaction with the child.
He is also gaining weight and changing by the day.

the Caterpillar as the little child develops and learns flexibility, tenacity, ability to overcome the first obstacles after birth.
This prolonged period.

At the third stage of transformation a caterpillar turns into a pupa.
It will ripen in a closed space under a good camouflage cover.

the Child is under the supervision of parents and growing up in family values, attitudes, and beliefs.
It is like the butterfly pupa Matures in the specific conditions created for the development of personality.
Every family is a kind of closed cell experience and baggage of their ancestors from the moms and dads.

the Process of formation of a butterfly lasts for a long time.
And resembles the human way of formation of independence and responsibility in the way of education.
It is a milestone of significant and not all can be overcome.

What should happen inside the cocoon, appeared to pupa power to transform into a butterfly?

Time and favorable conditions.

What happens if someone decides to help the immature girl to be born?

It would not be viable to know the world in all its glory, despite washee resemblance to a real butterfly.
will Not be able to withstand strong wind gusts, or any other natural manifestation.

each butterfly its time spent in the cocoon.

But in humans, the time spent under the cover of parents.

If you send on a long journey unprepared for the trials of man, that with him happens, too, that the immature butterfly.

will Survive the onslaught of storms and will survive the one who has the trust of current events and a sense of belonging to a wonderful treasure trove of knowledge kind of means of survival, manifestations of masculinity, self-control and love.

Flexible like a blade of grass will be people with
Mature-esteem, able to listen to your heart , feel the interest in the new and to be honest with himself.

Then flying butterflies and this man will be harmonious, amazing and incredibly beautiful!

Alduchov Sophia
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