the sincerity of emotion in their neproizvol


We used to share emotions, good and bad. Watch out for the children. They are sincere in each of his emotions. They still do not understand the distinction between bad and good emotion. They allow the momentum within them to come out. The younger the child, the more we are touched by the manifestation of his wrath, anger, jealousy, resentment.

you can Often hear this phrase: he's so emotional! And who among us is without emotions? Such people exist, and there is a special term for them – "alexithymia", only they can be hardly seen in everyday life.

Good positive emotions inspire and encourage us and others. If I show positive emotions in the eyes of others I am a good person.

Bad, negative emotions fold our wings. If I show negative emotions in the eyes of others I am an emotional and difficult with me.

Heard in public transport dialogue, which said that all sickness comes from anger and anger, need to control myself and not show them. I got to thinking. Anger, rage, anger can actually lead to illness. About this a lot is said and written. Only I see it differently.

Emotion is an internal reflection of the external world. Emotion shifts your energy, different mental realities. If you consider that emotion is energy, it has its sources. The source of our emotions – the world outside of us.

to fill the vessel with clean water, it needs to be emptied. Also with emotional energy. In order to update it, it should be given out. Sometimes we tell a lover "I love you", and sometimes so overwhelms us that love that makes you want to shout about it.

About love we can shout, sing songs, hug lover.

what to do with anger, rage, aggression?

One of the theories explaining the nature of aggression, when one, indicates that the aggressive instinct meant a lot in the process of evolution, survival and adaptation. But the rapid development of scientific thought and progress ahead of course the current biological and psychological maturation of the person. This led to slower development of brake mechanisms of aggression, which inevitably leads to periodic external expression of aggression. If you do not give the output of aggression, the internal stress will accumulate and create pressure inside the body, until it will lead to the outbreak of uncontrollable behavior (the principle of letting off steam from the locomotive boiler).

Return to dialogue to transport in my mind traced the process of "holding yourself" and the process of letting off steam, not only outside, but inside the body. When we restrain ourselves, even if it is for a moment, for a moment, we suppress in itself the emotion. Suppressed from the word PUSH, in other words pressed her accumulate – accumulate – accumulate, and then get sick.

tell Us: "don't be mad". But if the anger is there?

Growing up, children begin to feel ashamed of negative emotions. They are taught this by the parents. Children say it is wrong, how can they not be ashamed. But none of us are taught how to cope with negative emotions. And they are. And as a result, we begin to deny my emotions with a minus sign and only take it with a plus sign.

Nature never lies. If inherent emotions of different polarity, they have their own function.

is allowed to be emotions, not to show them to people or nature. Let be the emotions is to find an ecological method to their output, without damaging themselves and the world. At least you can begin to articulate the emotion that responds to what is happening. You might have something to annoy, irritate, etc. After this, you have a little bit clear.

And finally: is there such a thing as a dichotomy. For every positive emotion there are its pair, i.e. a negative emotion: love-hate, joy – anger and etc. the temperament of the person depends on the extent and intensity of the manifestation of all emotions. Suppressing and drowning out the negative emotion, dulled and her couple, otherwise there will be balance. It is not necessary to complain of negative emotions. Use them to explore yourself, looking for their "soul mate", "pair" positive emotions under the sign of the +

Anna timofeyenko
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