I Offer a powerful technique for the study of socially important relations of Your personality. The roots of this technology go to NLP and method of the social panorama, but adapted by me for better understanding of the linkages in the system.

Mechanisms that are encoded in our neurophysiology and are reflected through our perception and filters of attention, it is possible to make explicit for consciousness. There are certain rituals involving the mechanisms of biological feedback to make social security number of each person clear. For this You will need the symbolic Board (sheet of paper) that would be identified for the mental map of Your reality. Another element is the various small objects (chess pieces, buttons, coins, colored stickers, pebbles - that can be placed on the Board and move on it)

stage I (assessment of the current state of the social code):
1) Position on the sheet is the shape that would identify You
2) Place on the sheet a shape that looks like Your reflection (look at myself)
3) Place on a sheet of shapes that represent Your parents, loved ones (husbands, wives, girlfriends), children, all important characters of Your life.
4) Place the figures that occupy Your mind and influenced You (even if they are no longer alive or You've never even seen - but, for example, You talked about them nonstop)
Check - go through the whiteboard space: if there are missing pieces (feels like)
5) Place on a sheet image, which would have symbolized You realize your potential and reaching meaningful goals
6) What's in this mental space could serve as a metaphor for Your source resources (the source of strength, support, inspiration)

stage II: Study hard and plastic parts of the system
1) Removing from the Board variety of shapes, explore - what are the elements in the system:
a) More (remove the action figure and feel, nothing to lose the whole system)
b) you need - removing them is lost as the integrity of the system
C) Freely moving
d) in what areas felt that the lack of link in the system?

2) Move your figure on the Board so that the front of it was a reflection of You, fully realize potential, achieve their aspirations.
a) How to change the other elements in the system - their location in space Board
b) What are the patterns disappear - eliminate?
C) whether There are added elements where they would like to add?

stage III. The change of the social code.

1) added to the system, missing links (or removing redundant links). Find the right metaphor (element, object), adding that on the Board (removing from the Board), You stabilizarea system in a position where Your reflection is the way You realize Your aspirations

2) Looking for in the new system key links
a) What elements must be removed, so the system has lost stability?
b) What is the external influence on the system can cause you to lose the stability of the system (metaphor external influence)
C) What element should be added to the system as the attractor around which the system could regenerate itself?

3) the results of paragraph 2 - stabilize the system
4) Clean the Board and re-build the system - "How is social code "here and now" (after all the steps)?"


in the social code rate and the scale - time parts You are in the present tense and You have achieved and realize their aspirations. Please note - there are no right and wrong - social code is very individual. You build and visualize, and then explore and change their own reality. Using a map of the area - Your code - You set your perception to a new reality. Topographic implemented the principle of "point to point" - of the brain at the level of neurophysiology built a new neural network, which is a smaller copy of You created a social code. The impact of out - of course will change Your code, but if you remember - we are at stage III, stabilized the system, precisely in order to minimize "fading" program )))

good Luck!!!

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