the status as it is


Status as it is.

Status is your personal opinion of standard of living. Things lifestyle. Below, no above please. The greatest sadness in all this is that in 99 cases out of 100, a real desire to be someone else to have this status, has nothing to do with voice supported. Effort is spent on this count.

In your environment there are people who have found yourself? Those who are not very interested in the opinions of others. Those who walk not with 6,7,8 and so on an IPhone. And the phone what he needed. Or even without it. Those who live their lives?

a Status car, apartment, job. Strange no one puts the status of personal happiness. Not the romantic happiness, not happiness in life together with another person. And your personal happiness.

Main reason status is nedolyublennosti. Lack of or not enough of unconditional love. The love of a parent for that child just is. Love for nothing. Without conditions, requirements. The main purpose of the desire to not maintain their status – like me. Love, or regret loving. The status is different.

the Main thing is that the status you different. Want to see yourself what you see. Go a photo shoot with a professional photographer. Ask them to remove you or what you are. Without photoshop. Light exposure it will pick up. View his work before you go. Like – call, it's not expensive. After photos spread in front of him. And compare. What do you feel looking at the person from the photo, which he. Describe. And then ask yourself are you that person feel? There is a difference between your inner self and the external impression please. Feel worse than the photo raise their self-esteem. I see myself worse than I do – correct self-deception.

do You consider yourself a deprived man who lives in an undeserved position. And you want to change it, but something does not work. Maybe what you want is not so, in fact, and inspired environment? The status is built. What is suggested here, it is your status, your happiness will necessarily thereby. And something few people remember that the execution of the previous suggestion ended zilch. And again in a circle. Serving the lives of those who have managed to inspire their vision for how to live differently, for his personal convenience.

Much has been said about the be happy that is, those where you are. But hardly anyone speaks like this. I know one way – times I is how I is, so I really want.

No matter what the reason. Out of fear, due to the fact that another life is not seen or some other reason. No matter what I say delegate to others and to ourselves. Again, nothing has changed my inner self to resist. His dialogue with me. The main criterion was that happiness is not the moments and the state. Satisfaction by itself. His own personal success. And the status of such a thing is changeable. With heat.

Igor Eroshkin
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