there was Serezha.

Serezha's Parents worked a lot. So education Serezha worked great-grandmother. Great-grandmother was a very kind and caring. But for some reason she has long lived alone. She often told the story of how there was one. Since grandpa went to heaven because a lot of drinking... And drinking often because it was complicated. Here is the work of his undoing.

Serge didn't understand the phrase that means "work ruined." He understood in his own way, what it means to work.

  • Parents do a lot of work...
  • Working late...
  • Miss my parents who are at work...

Despite the fact that the parents worked hard, they tried to give the son attention. The only reason Sergei reacted differently. Sometimes with joy and delight, and sometimes angry.

And when he got mad, took away from mom or dad toys and said, "Go away, you bad (bad)! You're evil!"

Mom didn't understand why his son behaves. Perhaps it is his grandmother sets against us. Because we love him, the child himself can't think about us like that.

Once Serge broke a vase.

great-grandmother came running at the sound of breaking glass and clasping her hands, asked, "Who is this beautiful vase broken?"

"It's not me, - said Sergei, - the cat ran".

great-grandmother said, "I have never abused him. Why did he say?"

the years Went by, Serge grew up. Began to go to school.

In elementary school, Sergei was good. Great-grandmother helped him as best I could.

But in 5th grade she was unable to help him. Performance Serezha fell, and in the 6th grade was even worse.

great-grandmother said it was the problem of the other teachers that in elementary school the teacher paid more attention to the students.

But dad said it was Serge's grandfather went. Grandfather also went bad. And nothing grew, became a man, a good master.

his father said he had to work harder, since the fate of such. Great-grandmother supported my dad, he echoed that it had on the family says so.

In adolescence, when Sergei began to smoke, my father decided to hold a conversation with my son. Conducted thoroughly, a long time conversing. Sergei was angry swiveled his chair within the hour.

At the end of the monologue, the father asked: "Understand?"

"Understood," replied Sergei.

"why do that?"

"well, all teenagers do that!"his son said.

Father pondered the words of the son...

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- In the example of this family, whose deeds and manifested as projection?

Thank you for your attention!

Maltseva Irina
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