The tale "the Mystery of the Christmas star and birthday"


Tale "the Mystery of the Christmas star and birthday"

Each of us is born to Shine and illuminate the world. Because in the moment of our birth each of us light the Christmas star.

Julia lay down in his warm bed with thoughts of the upcoming event tomorrow, his birthday. Looking at the night sky she thought about this holiday, that this is the first occasion in every person's life that comes every year, and even remains after death in the form of an inscription on a tombstone in memory of his family and friends. "And is it always so?" the thought flashed in her head, but the dance of the stars in the sky did the trick and she sweetly fell asleep....

"You were born to Shine", he heard her suddenly some pleasant and at the same time sonorous and insistent voice.

"Hey Sleepyhead, get up, and then the actual birth sleep," the voice insisted and someone gently shook her shoulder. Julia opened her eyes, but in addition to bright flickering light that filled the whole room it was empty.

- "who are You"? with curiosity she asked.

"I'm your Christmas-in well, or star, was given to you at birth."
- "What a weird dream" I thought to her.

- "Oh star". And while Julia was thinking, wondering what is happening, she did not notice this flickering, warm light already carried her, as large and mighty wings up at the night sky.

"Where are we?" and only managed to shout it, like breathing speed rapidly increasing flight finally caught.

"Where-where, wherever mountain" star laughed, shaking his roar surrounding space.

"Strange you people completely forgotten how in miracles to believe everything you tell me, but show..." annoyingly said star, but then still continued in a gentler tone.

- "Trust in me and you will have a miracle, so you as the real star of promise".

And Julia open-mouthed in amazement, just kept staring, until they stopped in front of some entrance, where he was so bright and blinding light that it was not clear who is there or what's inside.

- "Welcome" - sang to star in one of the most important departments of the heavenly office "Star birth", she said proudly and gently pushed Julia inside. At the threshold we were met by the angel, what Julia somehow not even surprised, well, once the office of the heavenly, then certainly an angel, quite logically, she reasoned to herself, marveling at the strangeness of his dreams.

"Sleep, but not sleep" as if reading her thoughts, said the angel.

"Come soon, I got somewhere to take and I'll tell you something... and you better decide whether it was a dream or reality".

obediently She followed him down a bright corridor, listening to and feeling every part of my body that this "something" will be the most amazing story of all that she had heard in his life.

the angel told her, as promised, amazing story that appears at birth for each inhabitant of the earth in the night sky, the lights of a Christmas star, to looking at her people always remember their star origins and that he is sent to earth as his star, shining with its warmth, his inner light and his love, not only in heaven but on earth.

- "How's that, you say, if stars are lit, it means someone you need!" proudly said angel.

"And you people often forget that, Yes, there forget, many do not even know about their star and even the term itself came up with "Star disease", is called that by the way that's really not the truth, but Oh well...go in...then this is also someone why do you need to" somehow sad sigh heavenly maintainer.

- "But that's how it was before, look carefully, but a good remember, going then to his descendants to tell them to this, the most star disease is not infected" he said, and laughed out loud.

And rushed in front of the eyes of Julia, the pictures are fantastic, about the time when the birth of your child was accompanied by the knowledge of his Christmas star and the first tale, which the kid heard from his parents, was exactly about her, but about his power to Shine and illuminate the world, given to each person by right of birth. And even the whole ritual was, this meeting with his Christmas star. Once a year, well, you have certainly guessed that it was the birthday star and man in a special way strongly feel each other, preparing to meet.

it was the day they again take the opportunity to come into contact with each other, to be filled with the divine light of love and heavenly grace in the coming year. In ancient times it was customary to spend the day with the star reminiscing about his stardom, in the lightest sense of the word. And there was another valuable point, that in the hour of his birth, when the light of the star reaches maximum strength, the man could make his fondest wish for this year and it is sure to come true, because it was from the heart, and otherwise, the star is his, not with the eyes, but only heart and soul can see...".

Julia woke up and without thinking ran to the window, looking up at the night sky and her eyes searching and of course with all my heart in it the brightest star, given to her, and each of us, by right of birth. After all, today is her birthday and she felt they must meet. And she tells her dearest wish that will come true. And she firmly decided that the first story she'll tell her baby! "On his Christmas star and its secret."

Zainetdinova Julia
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